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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Been away too long...

WOW. How time flies! Looked at the blog today and noticed I haven't posted since JULY. And the main reason for that is just how busy I've been at work, as we move towards the launch of [our small part of] a new product - one you might have heard of. (Yeah, it's stressful a times, but it's also pretty cool some times as well.) Plus we've had a death in the family, trouble with my oldest son in school, family members in the hospital... You know, outside of my Red Sox winning the World Series (AGAIN, which feels so weird after waiting 30+ years to say it the first time!) 2013 is not a year that I will remember particularly fondly.

So far, 2014 is off to a much better start. And in all that time so has much happened that normally would have gotten me writing! I mean, there's been so much going on in the world, so much great stuff, so much bullshit... I wouldn't even know where to start... So I'm just going to leave it all for now. Yep: I'm not going to blog about ANYTHING of worldly or political significance today. Just a little post to let y'all know I'm still alive, just really busy. And to Conchobhar, and anyone else who's emailed me... obviously I'm really behind on my email as well - well over 1000 unopened in niceguy9418@usa.com's inbox, if you can believe - but I am (sort of) finally getting caught up, so please bear with me. But here's something, unrelated to anything, that I'd like to leave you with, because I just got back from Mexico last night, and I wanted to let you know how bad air travel has gotten. This was on the napkins that Delta was passing out with the complimentary cup of ice with a splash of Coke in it:

Now consider for a moment... Delta's big marketing push right now, one that they're bragging about to every customer on board, is that I can pay extra to "upgrade" to a seat that has as much extra legroom as can fit comfortably on a BAR NAPKIN, with ROOM TO SPARE!

 I don't know, maybe I have an over developed sense of irony but I found that comical.

 Hey: At least they're not Spirit Airlines (who I flew over Xmas, and will NEVER fly again) who not only charged me $40 for every checked bag (as opposed to the industry standard of $25) but wanted $35 dollars for each CARRY-ON bag! (You know... as opposed to the industry standard of FREE.) What's more, when I didn't pre-pay online for that, they wanted $100, per bag - checked and carry-on - at the ticket counter. To which I told them, "Fuck you," after which they gave me a "deal" and only charged me the "lower" price. To which I said, "Fuck you," again, pointing out that their fees are way out of line with those of the rest of their industry. I did pay that, for my family of FOUR, mind you, but also informed them that I would NEVER fly their airlines again because of their outrageous fees. And I won't. Ever again. Fuck Spirit. 

Just goes to show: when you're looking for "deals" with the airlines, always remember to add in the baggage fees! (And remember that on Southwest, BAGS FLY FREE!)