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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is important...

No one in America should work a forty hour week, for a company (such as McDonald's - the single largest employer of minimum wage workers) that makes over a Billions Dollars a year AFTER paying it's CEO nearly $14 Million Dollars, and not be able to afford to live.  And BTW...? McDonald's actually HELPS it's employees get public assistance! So... Here's a thought... If this company is so wildly successful that it can afford to TRIPLE it's CEO's salary from 2012 to 2013, despite a DROP in sales... Then why am I, the Taxpayer having to subsidize it's Labor costs? And I'm only using Mickey-D's as an example here, obviously the issue goes way beyond them, but...

1) If someone works 40+ Hours a week and still needs public assistance? The Minimum wage is too low. Period.

2) If the Company gets the taxpayer to subsidize their labor costs, and the STILL made less money? Then the CEO doesn't deserve to have his salary TRIPLED in one year. Period.

You want to know where the extra money will come from? Here's a thought: Lower your franchise fees, reduce the pay of ALL of the executives accordingly, and, if necessary, let the industry, as a whole, take a one-time hit and then start growing again, on a more sustainable path, without the taxpayer having to subsidize their labor costs. (And BTW? Raising the minimum wage will mean that McDonald's will sell more hamburgers, even at a slightly higher cost.) (DUH!)

The shareholder won't run. Not in the long-term.

And neither will the customers. If I have to pay 10 cents more for a Big Mac?  Well, that's WAY the fuck down there on the reasons I have not to eat a Big Mac!

And Conservatives? The next time I hear one of you cheap, greedy bastards say that you "honor hard work" or that you'll give an "honest day's pays for an honest day's work...?"

...I'm going to hit you in the head with a brick.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cold outside...

Yeah... As goofy as it might seem to talk about Global Warming when it's 20 below? Saying. "So much for global warming" DOES still make you look like an idiot.

(Of course when it comes to "idiots," that old maxim, "it takes one to know one," is actually the opposite of the truth.) (Think about it... And then watch how the first person to argue that point will end up inadvertently proving it for me.)

Since I couldn't use a hyperlinked image, it's from  XKCD.

Cue the shivering climate change deniers in 3, 2, 1...