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Friday, October 28, 2016

Coming Up...

Coming up on RainbowRadio.FM, IMHO with Niceguy Eddie:

October 29th, 8:PM EST: Following the release of their first album, and with a remix package on the way for 2017, we've got Little Liam!

November 1st, 10:PM EST: Musican, Activist and YouTube vlogger Deliah Melody!

November 5th, 8:PM EST: Celebrating the forthcoming release of the 30th Anniversary Remix Package of his hit song, "My Favourite Waste of Time," the newest and hottest addition to Sobel Nation, Owen Paul!

November 8th: Live on Facebook, starting at 8:PM Eastern, election coverage with Niceguy Eddie! To tune in, got to My Facebook Page, and if you want to call in, I will be on SKYPE, send your contact request to Niceguy.Eddie.Det !

And then later that night, (10:PM EST on RainbowRadio.FM) Sally Broderick and I will talk about Donald Trump, the election and other randomness...

November 12th, 8:PM EST: Coming off the release of the remix package of his hit, "What's the Color of Money," I'll be joined by Mark Rogers, Hollywood Beyond!