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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back, after a long hiatus...

...of keeping this blog updated!

My apologies to the four of you who still check here, but the Podcast and People pages are now UP TO DATE!  And the schedule has needed some tweaking due to some unforeseen, behind-the-scenes circumstances the past couple of weeks.  SO, coming up we've got...

Columnist and Activist, Brynn Tannehill will return to IMHO on September 20th to talk about the grim prospects faces the Transgender Community, should Donald Trump win the Presidency.

Jacqueline Dupree, one of Sobel Nation's favorite drag queens, who's single "Good Time" is hitting the dance charts, on September 24th!  (She also plays in the Gay Football League, so we'll talk about that too!)

My good friend, Robyn Carson, will join me on September 27th to review the wretched legacy of Ronald Reagan!

On October 1st, we've got a great show: I will be joined by Music Producer Mike Bennett, King Schascha, Vocalist for The English Beat, Funky Si (Simon Walstencroft,) Drummer for The Fall and the Fall's Producer (and former Bass Player) Simon Ding!

On October 4th, I'm joined by BlastingNews.com's top writer, Robby Sobel to talk about the election, the debate, the issues and a lot more!

On the 8th, the incredible vocalist Kym Sims is in the house!

On October 11th, we will run a long-await interview with Vandy Beth Glenn.  My apologies to Ms. Glenn, and much thanks for her patience as this has been bumped a couple of times now.  Vandy Beth runs the Transgender Skepdic on Facebook, served in our country's military and was part of a landmark case regarding Transgender Discrimination in the workplace!

On October 11, we hope to have Robby Sobel. lol. This was scheduled, but the his car died on the night of the interview, stranding him.  So... TBD. Stay tuned!