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Sunday, August 30, 2015

More news and what's coming up!

there's been some really great news lately regarding the show... Not only has the (former) Sunday edition of IMHO been mover to Saturday prime-time (8:PM Eastern) but will no be syndicated on two more stations, Dance World Radio, Friday at 9:PM Eastern and Sobel Nation Radio on Sundays at 8:PM Eastern.  Again, I want to thatnk Barbara Sobel for giving me this opportunity, and for all of the wonderful people that have come onto the show to talk with and share the work and some of teh personal stories and experiences.

Last night's show, with Celebrity Chef Stephen Daniello is now up on the Radio Page, and here's a look at what we've got coming up this week:

On Tuesday (9/1) we've got a really funny man, a stand-up comedian with a Politically oriented Liberal leaning Facebook page. I am happy to be joined by Taunt the Elephant!

And then next Saturday (9/5) we'll be joined but Country Music star, Doug Strahm

I hope you will be able to join us, and if you can't tune in on Saturday, you will now have two more opportunities to catch that show!

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Podcasts with Amrick Channa and Pamela Raintree, have be uploaded to the Radio page. (BTW.. .Check out the "Awesome People" page for he infamous picture of Amrick that we talked about! ;)

I hope you will be ablt to join us tomorrow night, 8:PM on www.RainbowRadio.FM when I will be hosting the Celebrity Chef of Fire Island, Stephen Daniello!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Radio Page Updated!

Finally up-to date!

My interview lats Tuesday with Candace Mountain is now posted. I highly recommend checking out both her Blog and her book, Daughter of Man.

Coming up tomorrow night at 8:PM Eastern, we have vocalist and rising House star, Amrick Chana!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Moral of the story: Come on my show and I'll probably donate, support or buy some of your stuff!

And a special "Thank You" to everyone who's come on and helped to make my first coupe of months such a success and so much fun! And please support the following artists, authors, and musicians who've produced such amazing work:

Christan BeranekKelci Crawford, Validation; Patreon; Donate

Jenn Dolari, Closetspace, A Wish for Wings, Donation

Megan Rose Gedris, Meaty Yogurt; Patreon; Store; Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque

Deven Green, tip jar

Suzanne DeWitt Hall, Rumplepimple

Chris Hazelton, Misfile; Donate; Store

Alex Heberling, The Hues: Post Apocalyptic Magical Girls; Store; Patreon

Issa, Professional Services

Julian Marsh, Professional Services, on Rainbow Radio

D. Murphy, With Fetus; Store; Donate

Candace Mountain, Our-Trans-MissionThe Daughter of Man

Aaron Paul (link to www.aaronpaulmusic.com is not working!)

Carrie Reimer, The Lady With a Truck; Store; Donate

Aneesh Sheth, Crave, Amazon

Christine Smith, The Princess; Patreon 

Terra Snover, Mock Girl, Patreon

Jessica Udischas, Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls; Patreon 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This Sunday, at 3:PM Eastern on Rainbow Radio, I have the pleasure of hosting Aaron Paul, former lead singer of Simon Cowell's early '90's boy band World's Apart. He back and coming off of the release of yet another hit single, and taking time out to share some of his personal story, talk about his music and about what it was like coming out after so many years in the music industry! Great show, don't miss it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A HUGE thank you to Deven Green, (aka America's BEST Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers) for appearing on my show.  It was almost (it pretty much was) complete nightmare as I had a total equipment meltdown the second I hit "record" but I had so much fun talking with her, and am so grateful for her taking the time to talk to me!  She really is awesome. Thank you SO MUCH, Deven!

Deven's show is now up on the RADIO PAGE.  Betty's latest work of genius is here, for your enjoyment:

"Just look at the Donald!"

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sunday's show, talking music with Issa and then politics with Barbara Sobel, was a HUGE success. I want to thank EVERYONE who tuned in (especially those in Singapore and Iran that were in the chat!) If you didn't catch it, and you might be the only one, it's now hosted on the Radio Page.  I also want to thank Issa so much from coming, and Barbara for not only coming on but for giving me this opportunity, and for helping to put everything together and get it out there!  We're doin' great and we're gonna keep on rollin'!

Speaking of which...

Don't forget to tune in Tuesday, at 10:PM Eastern!  It's official, done and in the books! I have the honor of hosting Deven Green, aka AMERICA'S BEST CHRISTIAN, MRS. BETTY BOWERS!

So be sure to tune in and, in the meantime, to SPREAD THE WORD