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Monday, September 29, 2014

Signature Flag

I made this a few years ago, and just stumbled across it as I was looking for something else and thought I'd share it:

It probably violates some part of the flag code, but I like it anyway.

Ladies and gentleman: That immortal luminary, John Cleese

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life in the bubble; OR: Would the modern GOP appall George Washington?

This is some pretty backwards, delusional stuff.  (William should love it.) Though I still do fully encourage everyone to read it in full:

The Modern GOP Would Appall George Washington

In case the author's comment I quoted gets buried, here it is in full. (Bold = parts read aloud.)

I have no problem with "the possible." What I have a problem with is the "refuse to try" or worse still, the "working for the enemy." 
The modern GOP isn't interested in compromise; they are interested only in surrender. Like a battered woman, they foolishly think if they cry "Don't hurt me" enough, liberals will be nice to them. What complete idiots. And that's just the ones who aren't enemies in the camp--liberals who wear an "R" to get elected, then betray the documented values of the Republican Party (if people really liked RINOs, RINOs wouldn't pretend to be conservatives, lying about their positions and their records). 
Compromise? Heck, that would be a big improvement over the "Surrender Caucus" that is running things right now. And surrendering to the evil of the Left is just evil itself. 
~Bob Ellis

And, for reference, from his BIO:

Bob Ellis has been the owner of conservative media company Dakota Voice, LLC since 2005. He is a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force, a political commentator for the past decade, and has been involved in numerous election and public policy campaigns for 20 years, including a founding Tea Party leader and organizer starting in 2009. He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife and two children.

Oh, and apologies: Obviously I was referring to the Heritage Foundation, not the Heritage Institute. Despite what William will tell you, I'm not perfect and I DO sometimes make mistakes. But fuck it: You know who I was talking about, so I'm not re-recording it! ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Action Movie Presidents

Props to Dan O'Brien for not going to the obvious ones (save for Kennedy) as I would have done. (But come on: JFK, fine, but why no T.R., A-Jax, Washington or Lincoln?) (And maybe Grant.)

Monday, September 15, 2014

An Interview with Christian Beranek

 Right up front, I've got to get something out of the way, what is your gender identity? I ask because when I googled you I found, shall we say, two very distinct types of pictures come up – with you presenting as both male and female. And, of course, there’s the whole transgender web comic thing.  (And for my own reference, just to be 100% clear, your preferred pronouns?)

I identify as female so “she” and “her” are my preferred pronouns. There are loads of pics from the past online as I was very visible in the comic book and film worlds. I am not ashamed of any of those images. I lived that life and it's a part of who I am today.

Do you present that way full time, then?

I live 24/7 female.

How long since you started to transition?

I started taking it seriously in 2010 but really, I've always felt this way.

How did family and friends react?

I am fortunate to have great friends and a supportive family. It did take my parents a little while to accept me for who I am. Thankfully they realized I was still going to be me just way happier.

Has it affected you professionally?

I am sure some people have decided to communicate with me less. I still get some work for hire assignments and consulting gigs. I could be more active in seeking out jobs, I think. For the most part the comic book and film industries have been very accepting of me and I feel extremely fortunate.

Hardest part of it all?

Being considered a curiosity... Sometimes almost subhuman. That and the fact some people feel they have a right to know about your physical status, such as your genitals, just because I’m trans. Imagine if someone asked you “So are you keeping your penis?" or "Are you getting a boob job?" as if it was a legitimate matter of fact conversational question.

So, perhaps a dumb question, but what inspired you to do Validation?  Can I assume that the work is at least semi-autobiographical?

I had the title kicking around for a few years before I took a crack at the story. My inspiration does draw from real life but none of the characters represent anyone in particular. I've dated and been around trans people and knew their was a tale to tell, something way beyond my own. The key was to identify the tone and make sure it wasn't something that capitalized on sensationalism. It had to feel genuine.

What other projects have you worked on?

I co-wrote the graphic novels Dracula vs. King Arthur and Post Apocalyptic Nick and wrote some prequel and background material for the films Se7en, Max Payne and Babylon A.D. A few years back I signed a deal to produce comics for Disney with the intention of translating them into their own film universe. We were rolling along and then one day I woke up and saw the announcement they had just bought Marvel. They didn't need us anymore. I packed my bags soon after and decided to live the freelancer life in New Mexico. I must say I am much happier and productive now.

I do have a couple of long overdue Kickstarter projects I have to deliver on. Once I can get those out there I'll feel even happier.

Beyond that, I am always creating and have various projects at different stages of progress. I never stop.

Who or what are some of your artistic influences, either specifically for Validation, or in general?

I grew up on a steady diet of Kurt Vonnegut, Alan Moore, fantasy and science fiction and loads of philosophy books. I tend to be very selective with the content I consume. I have a wide variety of interests but I want to check stuff out that takes great care in terms of execution. And it doesn't have to be high-brow. I like different things from films such as The Lives of Others to shows such as Trailer Park Boys. You just have to prove to me you have something genuine to say. I know when people are faking it. Dollar grabs are very transparent.

Now… You write it, Kelci Crawford draws it (I love her art, BTW!) and [your brother] Nick handles the web-side of things. And I see from your site that you all are in different parts of the country, how did this whole team come together?

Kelci is amazing! I met her on Deviant Art after I placed a post looking for an artist for the project. She drew up an initial design of Ally and I immediately said "Yes, that's her." From there we hit the ground running. We actually didn't meet in person until Phoenix Comicon this past May.


My brother Nick has done loads of website and production work for me over the years. I always try to include him when I can.

Early on, (#6, IIRC) you make it a point for the character to say that character plans to “keep [her male components],” meaning that she is, and plans to remain, non-op.  I know that the issue of having SRS, and whether that is needed to be a “real woman” (or a “reel womyn” as parodied by Evelyn Poor in Trans Girl Diaries) can be kind of a touchy subject in internal trans-politics.  Were you making a personal statement about this, or was this just for benefit of the character?

I know internal trans-politics exist and am aware of various stances.

To me there is no such thing as a "true trans" person. There is no one correct course because everyone has their own true path for themselves. Ally is pretty confident in her decision to be non-op and we’ll explore the reasons behind that more in the future.

You don't need a vagina to be a woman. If you do choose to get SRS it should be for personal reasons and not because of outside pressure. Be true to yourself.

One of the things that stood out to me about Validation was the fact that it DOESN’T feature the big “Cast full of gay.” (Unlike, say, Venus Envy, The Princess or Rain that seem to suggest that in coming out, one will immediately find themselves surrounded by LBGT’s that they never knew were there!) Do you plan to add (or reveal? NO SPOILERS!) any more LGBT characters in the future?

Beyond Roxie?

Oh, shit! How could I have forgotten about Roxie?!

How indeed!

Yes, beyond Roxie.

Yes. There will be several more LGBT characters debuting in the future. There also might be some past love interests who pop up.

Was keeping Ally more alone in all this more reflective of your own experience?

Well, Ally is reaching out beyond online interactions. She wants to live in the real world. She wants experience. And I wouldn't say she is alone but she is definitely independent.

As for my own experience... I am incredibly independent myself but value a good support structure. We'll explore the idea of this support structures down the road.

I may be forgetting something, but it appears that (like many TG comics) the parents are basically out of the picture.  Is there a reason for that? Will there be a flashback / coming out arc in the future?

We will be meeting Ally’s parents very soon during the Holidays storyline.

It appears that Ally is far more “out” than “stealth,” to all of her friends and potentially love interests anyway. Again, the whole “out vs. stealth” thing is another touchy point within the trans community, was there any statement being made there, or is it just easier to write the story that way, free from the complications that would otherwise come up?

Well, Ally doesn't advertise the fact she is trans...

Well, there was this one time…

...but she is well aware of the implications if someone finds out. I don't know if that character trait could be considered a statement or not. People have reasons for living stealth and I respect that. Ally is a bit younger than the pioneers who blazed the trail in the 80's and 90's so she might not know the entire history of the trans movement. Perhaps we'll explore that more in the future. I do think many trans people today tend to forget how much those before them sacrificed to make things better today. And there is still a long way to go.

I love that Ally’s a bit of a comic and rpg geek, a girl after my own heart, so I have to ask:  DC, Marvel, Image or Indy? (You, I mean.)

Whatever is good! I don’t have any loyalty towards any one company. One of my goals is to get hugely successful and buy loads of comics I can't afford right now to catch up on things.

And your favorite RPG?

Growing up it was Dungeons & Dragons. 

Me too!

I'd still play it if I had time and found a good group. I do play games on my iPad, my current favorites beings Clash of Clans and The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I’ve always wanted to get into Traveller and if I had even more time I’m sure I’d be massively into EVE Online. It just looks so insane.

And let's not forget Tiny Unicorn

Where do your fall politically?  I’m particularly interested to know how LGBT issues fit in with and rank amongst your feelings on other issues – do you end up being a one-issue voter, a log-cabin Republican, or are you down with the whole Liberal / Progressive agenda as a whole?

I am an independent human being and I hold no allegiance to any one party. I back the people I feel are right for the job. Last election I voted for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. He seemed to the one who was most on the level. Ally mentions in a recent comic that she voted for him as well!

I have grown tired and bored of the two party system. I wish people would vote with their minds rather than by party line. I sadly don't see that changing anytime soon due to the control the media has on popular opinion. But I'll vote for whoever the hell I want and sleep well at night :-)

How have the repeal of DOMA and the apparent juggernaut of marriage equality cases current sweeping the country affected you?

Not personally. I do think it’s inevitable that on a Federal level gay marriage will eventually be made legal. I get why some states are fighting tooth and nail against it to appease evangelical bases but I just want to remind them of one thing: Jesus was all about love. So vote love. You’ll be less stressed and live longer.

Does Religion play much of a role in your life?

No. And I am not going to say I'm a spiritual person. I live in the moment but am aware of the past and the future. It feels good to do good things and be kind and decent to other people. There has to be something to that but you shouldn't expect a reward for doing so.

Do you ever have difficulty reconciling some of the homo-phobis and/or trans-phobic aspects of it with your own beliefs?

I think some of the various churches of the world are evolving in their views. Pope Francis, for example, is an exciting figure and I think is living life in an awesome way and inspiring good in others. 

As for the hate some sects spew out: That poison comes from within and will eventually eat you from the inside. It's just not healthy.

Now, along with the “LBG” stuff, there have been a rather a few landmark cases for the “T’s” lately as well: schools in several states now officially recognizing students by the chosen gender (for facilities and activities purposes, etc…) for example. There’s a long way to go, to be sure, but what are your thoughts on that?

I think it’s fantastic. You’re also seeing more trans role models such as Laura Jane Grace and Lavern Cox get more attention. If we can couple great ideas with leadership and show patience then nothing will stop us from moving forward.

Any concerns that comics such as Validation might start to seem dated, socially and politically speaking, before too long?

Hopefully things continue to change for the better and Validation can be considered an artifact from a more volatile time in terms of the issues discussed. I do hope the story itself resonates beyond its time because it really is about treating each other with respect and love. Those themes, I feel, are eternal.

Let’s hope.

I’ve heard some very harsh criticisms of the Human Rights Campaign from other transgendered people and their friends and families… How do you feel about them? Do you think the “they throw trans people under the bus every time!” critique is fair?

It all goes back to Stonewall, doesn’t it? I firmly believe trans people, many of whom had stood side by side with LBG brothers and sisters during those tumultuous times, were thrown under the bus to make the movement seem more “mainstream” to the masses. I think it’s slowly getting better, but the hurt of being tossed aside to further the causes of others is still pretty acute.

What about Dan Savage, who seems to have a lot of LGB-positive stuff to say, but no so much on the –T side?

I don’t think Savage, RuPaul, Roseanne Barr and others take the time out to truly understand the plight of trans people and why certain things they say are harmful to the cause. And when called out they take a very defensive stance rather than trying to comprehend why trans people are angry with them. On the flip side, being over-reactionary and ultra-offended about what they say doesn’t help either. What needs to happen is a dialogue. Hopefully people will get to talking soon.

If there was one thing you’d like cisgendered people to know or understand about being trans or about transfolk, what would that be?

It isn’t about your genitalia. It would be grand if people stopped fixating on trans peoples’ boobs, penises and vaginas. You don’t need any of them to feel that you are a man or woman inside. We classify and identify people in ways we were taught socially to accept from the get go. But when you don’t fit into clearly marked boxes people immediately begin the questioning of physical status. It’s something we should all learn to move beyond.

How can I explain to a particularly thick-headed, Right-Wing reader of mine that being LBG and/or T is not a CHOICE? (PLEASE tell me the magic words! I’ve argued this one 1000 different ways and they just don’t get it!)

Sadly you can’t. It’s not worth the effort to try and change their minds. Focus on battles you can win, instead.

Yeah, but where would be the fun in THAT?

If you love drama go for it! Lol I prefer to lead a drama free life.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to speak with me!  Before we wrap up, are there any upcoming projects that you’d like to plug?

I am always working on projects and looking to work on interesting projects. Check my website for updates http://www.christianberanek.com

Thanks a bunch!  I really appreciate you taking your time to talk with me!

Thank you for having me! :-)

Christian Beranek is the author of Validation, which can be found at www.validationcomic.com and is drawn by Kelci Crawford.  You should also check out her previous webcomic, Post Apocalptic Nick.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Roger Goodell vs. Adam Silver

***Note: I had to re-shoot the second video, and I left something out in the final run: That friend I mentioned, in that same discussion, argued the point to me that NEWT GINGRICH was not a "real Conservative." Well, if the Former Speaker Gingrich isn't Conservative, then the word has no meaning. And that's really the point, and the PROBLEM. Words have to MEAN SOMETHING at some basic, lowest-=common-denominator level if we're going to have any reasonable discourse. And the extremists penchant for redefining the terms (aka "No true Scotsman") is just a piss-ant way of getting out of ever having to admit that you're full of shit.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I got yer "family values" RIGHT HERE...

It is is very rare that I do this, but *trigger warning*.

Normally I roll my eyes when I see that, of course I have that privilege being one of the fortunate people to not have to cope with such things.  But I have to admit that this video made me SICK.  Already having read what it was all about, I was actually considering not even watching it.  But... If I'm going to blog about it, I of course owe it to my readers to have at least SEEN the damned thing. OMFG.  My stomach hurts now.  I'm physically sick over the disgusting, despicable display by these revolting, bigoted scumbags masquerading as "parents."

Here is what I have to say:

But every now and then, my faith in humanity is restored a little.

Here is a link to LOST AND FOUND, if you want to  help out, call or donate.

And here's the video of Uncle Pat, showing another set of "Christian Values."

Personally, I don't I could say it any better than Steveningendid on Kos:

You read/heard that right. Anyone with a head with which to think would have immediately told this woman that tithing at this point in this aged couple's life has come to a necessary end. In fact, a reasonable person holding a responsible position at a church might even ask if there is anything the church might be able to do to help. Perhaps dipping into the tithing basket to provide comfort to a fellow congregant in dire straits would please the Lord.

But no, this money grubbing scammer has been on the take for so long, it obviously didn't even cross his mind that a religious institution might look into its heart instead of someone else's wallet. Wouldn't the very philosophy of Christianity dictate that the least fortunate among the flock should not be put in a position to sacrifice medical attention or to keep the lights on for the sake of a tithe basket? 
I'm sure Pat didn't give it another thought as his driver drove him home to the manse.

There are your "Christian Values" for you.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

...it's STILL a scam though!

Crowd-funding a company?

That's just a way to get people to give you money without ever having to deliver ANYTHING in return!

If every bank, investor and venture capitalist out there turned them down, why on earth would I invest in them?

And if they DIDN'T pitch this to those people, then... they don't know how to DO STUFF.

Bottom line? If you're going to give someone money in order that they start something that's going to make THEM fabulously wealthy if it works, you'd better ask for something other than a coffea mug in return, like (1) your money back, with interest, or (2) equity in the project and a share of the profits.