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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silver Star Awards, March, 2011

OK, so it's been a really thin month.  By far the thinnest since I started blogging.  Only four pieces, and two of them were Silver Star entries. Which never seem to get ANY comments! :(

Oh well, at least March's will actually happen IN MARCH.  There were no HoF inductees in 1960, so the year is now 1961 and it saw two Veteran's Committee Inductees, so yeah: We're still on the funny stuff.  There are some really good ones coming in April, when there will be a GOLD Star or two, but we're still on Silver's this month.

The Max Carey Silver Star #25: Venus Envy

Another superb web-comic.  Mind you I don't really read it anymore, because the author, Erin Lindsey, kind of pulled the plug on it just over a year ago - and leaving her main character in a rather tight spot to boot!  Oh well.  In short, Venus Envy is a comic about a transgendered (MtF) teenager.  Believe it or not there are a LOT of TG Web-Comics out there, but I think Venus Envy deserves credit for a few things.  First of all, it's kind of famous in TG circles.  It was one of the first TG web-comics (if not THE first), remains one of the longest running, and from what I can tell was for a long time by far the most popular.  Which I think is due to the second reason: Erin Lindsey's powerfully compelling writing, her off-beat and sometimes self-depricating sense of humor, and her ability to create one of the most sympathetic characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading, in Zoe Carter.  Check it out - you'll laugh, you'll pretend not to cry, but most importantly of all, YOU'LL CARE.  You'll CARE about this character, and what she is going through and dealing with. Regardless of how you feel about the transgendered it is impossible to read this not pull for this person. (And not fear for them.) I'm certainly no expert on TG politics by a lognshot, but this 'strip served as the beginning of my coming to better understand TG issues.  As usual, I recommend reading this web-comic from the beginning but with this one, just be aware that the real story takes a little while to get going.  For awhile there, there are a lot of gag strips.  FUNNY gag strips, but not the profound stuff I'm referring to above.  Also - if the name "Erin Lindsay" sounds familiar, I've referred to her political writings / rants before, here and here.  What can I say? I love her stuff, I really do.  And I really miss 'Venus Envy!'

The Billy Hamilton Silver Star #26: DAMN YOU AUTO-CORRECT!

Screw doing sit-ups.  Just read this site and you laugh your way to wash-board abs.  O.M.F.G!  The main site is a collection of iPhone texts that have been 'auto-corrected' by the phone's auto-spell check / auto-fill-in random nonsense as you type feature.  Fucking hilarious!  And much like several other Silver Star winners from the Cheezburger Network (Failblog, Engrish, etc...) the site linked to several others that are every bit as funny, sometimes much funnier.  The Bad Gifts site is EPIC funny.  Bad Food was a riot as well. (I've eaten a lot of that stuff!) (Shit, I LIKED a lot of that stuff! LOL)  This site was sent to me a few weeks ago by a guy at my office.  I couldn't link to it form my desk (web-sensed) by I pulled it up on my phone and couldn't get any work done for three days. XD  So Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Brilliant Piece from Cracked....

It suffers rather a bit from the "false balance" problem... I don't care what they say, you simply cannot compare Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck objectively and conclude that both are "full of shit," implying an equality there.  That's just nonsense.  One makes a well-reasoned argument, based on evidence and principles, while the other just MAKES SHIT UP.  Beck's problem is not that he's Conservative, but rather that he's a PARANOID PSYCHOTIC.  Being CONSERVATIVE is the LEAST of his mental illnesses!

All the same, I think this article does a pretty darned good job at showing WHY WE SUCK SO BAD AT DEMOCRACY.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Been away...

Conchobhar sent me an email today and, reading it, I hadn't realized how long I'd been away - from IMHO and MMFA anyway.  I've been taking a break, trying to re-balance my life.  I'm taking an art class and going to the gym, but that leaves no time for this blog, or my web-comic, which hasn't been updated in over a month either.  (And I don't even mean the NEW one, Utopia, which I stalled out on page two with!) *Phew* It's been crazy and a lot of stuff is not going all that well to boot.  And my company is seriously cracking down on internet usage during work hours, so MMFA-time is pretty much out for me, for the forseeable future. :(

So with that in mind, and all the shit going down in the mid-east, the mid-west and Japan...

Here's a funny story from work today that has nothing to do with anything of any value at all!

As some of you may know, I'm an Engineer working in automotive safety restraints.  And today, we got to do one of my FAVORITE things: Tear-down and analyse WARRANTY RETURNS!

I live for that, seriously.

One of the things that makes it so rewarding, emotionally, is looking at the stupid shit people return stuff for, and looking at the various levels of abuse and mis-uses that they've put our products though. One of the most common issues is foreign objects getting stuck in buckles.  And for the past year or more we've been KEEPING all the little souvenirs that we've taken out of "damaged" buckles that came back through warranty.  I've got about 30 dimes, 20 Buttons (presumably from back-pockets: think about it), broken windshield glass, fake gemstones, staples, nails (both the kind you hammer, and the kind at the end of your finger) paperclips, zipper pulls, pebbles, a few tiny Lego's (including a star wars gun!), a blood-glucose meter testing strip (used)... and even some cool stuff, like a silver dove pendent and a gold cross!

But today I think we've got a new record holder for weirdness, uniqueness and unexpectedness.

I popped off the buckle covers, tapped the frame against the table and out fell some...


Seriously.  I wasn't 100% sure at first (although I was pretty sure) so I turned to my college who was up from our Mexico plant to train and simply asked him, "Is this what I think it is?"

He said he thought so, and then squeezed the bud in his fingers, smelled it and said, "Yes, definitely, it's pot!"  (I didn't even know to DO that, so I figured he knew what he was talking about better than I did,) (No moral judgement being made there BTW!)

And my boss happened to be walking by, so I asked HIM, "Hey look at this... It came out of a buckle... It this what we think it is?" (Again - asking without saying WHAT we think it is...)

And he just starts laughing. "Yeah... I think it is!"

Six or seven people later, and they all came to the same conclusion.  My director told my boss to make sure we got a picture of it.  (He always gets a laugh out the shit we find stuck in people's buckles.)

So that's my laugh for the day: Buckle didn't work due to POT being jammed in the mechanism.

I can't wait to heat what the customer says when we deliver that report!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silver Star Awards, February, 2011

OK, they're a day late. Sue me. No one reads these posts anyway!

(Just has some deju-vu there... I think I've used that line before!)

OK... here we go.  We're up to 1959, which saw one Veterans Committe inductee, and none from the Writers:

The Zack Wheat Silver Star #24: Oglaf

Yeah, it's yet another web-comic that I'm crazy about.  Now... some of the stuff I've linked to, not to mention some of my own writing, has at time been a bit... risque.  I'll warn you right now: Oglaf is downright FILTHYIt's filthy, dirty, rude, crude, crass, smutty and at times downright pornographic... and really, REALLY funny.  Although it's not a single, continuous story it will still make more sense (and be funnier) if you read it from the beginning.  Mind also, that it's a series of different stories, some of which have multiple pages.  So if the "next page" link is lit, hit that rather than the "next story" link.  I missed that at first, and it didn't make a lick of sense. LOL.