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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm very happy about the results last night. Congratulations to Presdient Obama, and congratulations to Alan Grayson, to Joe Donnely, to Claire McKaskill, to Elizabeth Warren, to Angus King, to Tammy Baldwin, to Debbie Stabenow, to so many others and especially to the record number of women elected to Congress last night.  Congratulations to Pot Smokers in Colorado and Wisconsin, to supporters of marriage equality and to same-sex couples and to all those who voted for progress over dogma, acceptance and toelrance over bigotry and hate, personal liberty over corporate dominance, reproductive freedom over mysogynistioc theocracy, excellence over anti-intellectualism, and reality over Right Wing Propaganda.

It was a great night for Democracy, for America and for Progress, and I have no doubt that the best IS, in fact, yet to come.

And to Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh and every other numerically illiterate pundit out there who, if there were any justice in this world, should NEVER be given their credibility back...