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Friday, December 11, 2015

It's official, bitches!!!

BOOM! It's official, bitches! Let is be known that In my ministry there is only one rule: Don't be a dick! And as long as you didn't break THAT rule, feel free to come to me for all of your "absolution of sin" needs!

Confessions and Penances MAY have to be performed on the air.

And sorry, William, but I can't help you in that regard. You break rule number one frequently and with a breathtaking impertinence!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coming up in December...

Tune in this Saturday, 12/5, when we'll have Singer and Songwriter MARCELLA DETROIT!

Then on Tuesday the 8th, the day after what would have been his 73rd birthday, it will be my honor to a host a musical tribute to my own favorite artist of all time and lone personal hero, HARRY CHAPIN. In addition to his music the show will features pieces of past interviews with Harry, as well as drops from his widow and current Chairperson of the Chapin Foundation, Sandy Chapin, and the CEO of Chapin Foundation charity, Long Island Cares, Paule Pachter.

We'll be in re-run on the 12th, but following up the Harry Chapin Tribute Show will be more of the conversations that I shared with Sandy Chapin and Paule Pachter, about the work they're doing and the organizations that are keeping Harry's legacy alive.

There is a special 2-part, 2-night show scheduled for the 18th and 19th. On Friday, we're having a special edition episode feature one final show with the Doc for 2015...

...Followed by a Spirit in the Sky Extravaganza, featuring interviews with the Band, the Re-mixers, the DJ's, and even a couple of Doc's crazy fans!

On the 22nd, we will be running a show that was recorded back in the early days of he IMHO Radio Program, but never used, about abortion and an on-air debate that I had with a pro-life facebook poster:

(Yeah... It's Not really all that "great." LOL. Just having some fun with it!)

Finally, the 26th will feature a "Year in Review," and will take a look back at all of the people we've had on in 2015, to thank them for their participation, and to play some of the music that many of them have created.

We'll be in re-run again on the 29th, after which we look forward to being with you again in 2016!

I want to thank everyone that tuned in in 2015, wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and an awesome year ahead in 2016!