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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ford v. Kavanaugh

Such an odd spectacle today. I didn't catch all of it, but in what I did, Ford looked and sounded legit and Kavanaugh just looked... bad.  I think the Republicans getting a sex crimes prosecutor to question her was... misguided?  (I mean, if you look at it from their strategic POV?) They wanted someone to poke holes in HER STORY. Um... Guys? THAT'S NOT WHAT SEX CRIMES PROSECUTORS *DO*.  In the context of the PROSECUTOR, if we were to assume this was a hypothetical "trial." WHO DID THEY THINK WAS ON TRIAL?!  See... In their minds, it was FORD. But from the POV of a SEX CRIMES PROSECUTOR?! KAVANAUGH is the DEFENDANT here and Ford is the Victim / STAR WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION!  I'm not saying Mitchell didn't go after her, only that going after victims is NOT WHAT SHE DOES for a living. She doesn't badger alleged sex crime victims... if anything she'd be badgering THE ACCUSED! (PROSECUTOR?! Anyone know what it is that THEY DO?! I think they would have wanted a DEFENSE ATTORNEY for that role!) Wow.

And here Ford was, being grilled about the most traumatic experience of her life and basically KEEPING HER SHIT TOGETHER. Though barely. You could see... tell... hear... FEEL that it was difficult for her. And come on, guys... If that was acting then she needs to be in Hollywood, winning ALL of the Oscars. Sorry, Righties. That shit was LEGIT. And then you have Kavanaugh. Raising his voice. Sounding angry, and beyond defensive even. I'm not going to say that he sounded as if he was LYING, (because, YES, I'm BIASED,) but he sounded rehearsed (at best) when giving his speech, and then downright testy when answering questions. Regardless of if you believe him or not, you can't say that he looked GOOD. And I can't imagine the Republicans are happy with how things went today.

(I wish I drew as much satisfaction as they do from "Triggering [Conserva]tards.")

(And BTW... What happened to all the trolls who spent all of last week telling us that she wouldn't show?! Where did they all GO?!)

And while I may go to hell for pointing this out... BRETT... Your speech, Brett... Where you spoke so passionately about coaching girls High School Basketball... Maybe it's just me... PROBABLY just me... but MAYBE you don't really want people thinking about you and High School girls in the same thought.  JUST SAYIN'.

In any case, will any of this make a difference? Shit, who knows? I hope so. I hope it does. But in actuality, this was all just political theater, This was done for one reason and one reason alone: So that Republicans like Susan Collins and Lisa  Murkowski and Red State Democrats like Joe Manchin, Joe  Donelly and Heidi Heitkamp can find political cover to vote against him without angering the Republican Base.  Personally I think they HAVE that now. Especially if the FBI is not being called on to investigate further. (And honestly, there is NO REASON Kavanaugh should want that!)

So what happens next? God only knows.

It would be an absolute disgrace and an affront to women everywhere and sexual assault victims in particular, if he gets confirmed after this. And years ago I may have bet against him, but I put NOTHING past today's Deplorable Republicans.  I hope he gets no-voted or voted down. After that? Well, shit... DO they try to cram through Amy Coney Barrett, (who would be an absolute nightmare on the Court,) on the basis that she couldn't possibly have any women coming forth saying that she sexually assaulted them? (I know, guys, I know.) Or does Trump learn a lesson here and give us... I don't know... someone like Thomas Hardiman - a Conservative, of course, but one a bit closer to Anthony Kennedy than Antonin Scalia?  I'll be honest here, I'm not going to LIKE anyone Trump is likely to pick (especially seeing as he got his short list from the God damned Federalist Society) and this is the EXACT SCENARIO I was so desperate to avoid throughout the 2016 Election cycle, as you may recall. (And BOY do I hate being right all the time!)  But Trump IS the President and the President does get to nominate Supreme Court Justices, who are then entitled to a Confirmation Hearing in the Senate.

Right, Mitch McConnell?

*cough* *a-HEM* MERRICK GARLAND *cough*

Yeah, FUCK YOU Mitch. FUCK. YOU.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Terra Snover announces run for CA-10 House Seat!

My good friend, Terra, who has been a guest on my show numerous times, and granted an interview to this blog before that, has announced her candidacy for the House Representing California's 10th Congressional district.  I wish her all the best, and hope that she can help us take back the House from the Republicans in 2018.

To learn more about Terra and her plafotrm, please go to TerraSnover.com and donate or volunteer, if you are able to. (I'm doing both! MAKE IT SNO!!!)

And be sure to check out her interview with the Huffington Post, by my good friend Suzanne DeWitt Hall.

My own interviews with Terra can be found here, here, here, and here.

Friday, June 16, 2017


This is probably a month overdue, at least.

For those who've followed my show on RainbowRadio.FM, you may have noticed that I have been off the air since the middle of April. What was originally planned just to be a couple of weeks off has turned into a couple of months and, at the present time, I have no immediate plans to return to Rainbow, or to pod-casting.

Unlike some folks, who we need not name, I do not plan to "disappear" and I will not block anyone. The one thing I have always truly cherished about my time at Rainbow was all of the amazing people I got to meet, and the friendships that came of it. I bear no ill will towards anyone, and truly regret having let anyone down. But I will always remember each and every one of fondly (yes, even those who we will not name, though they may not look on me in kind) and I thank you all for the time we shared and the connections that we made.

Most of all, I want to thank Barbara Sobel for giving me the opportunity, and for having a lot of patience with me over the two years that we worked together. She's got a lot of good content going on over at Rainbow Radio, so I hope you will all continue to listen in. At some point in the future I would like to return to podcasting, either back on Rainbow, if Barbara would have me, or independently. But I don't think I'll be doing a show by myself again - it just took up too much time, and as much as I loved doing it, I just could not keep up with it.

In the meantime, I will be around on social media. All of the shows will remain hosted here, on the tabs above (IMHO 2015, 2016 and 2017) and I will try to be more active both there and on Facebook (twitter, etc...) to keep in touch with everyone, and keep the pressure up on the Administration.  I'm also doing some work for a 2018 Congressional campaign, and will be posting updates from that as well. (More to come on that later.)

Thanks again to everyone who made this experience so rewarding (and even those who made it challenging.) I love you all.

All my best, always,

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for the first episode of Season Three of IMHO on Rainbow Radio!  And for those of you who missed it, here is the podcast:

Coming up this Tuesday (10-Jan, at 10:PM EST) we've got Author and Poet, John Kaniecki to talk about his recent memoir, "More than the Madness" which talks about his struggles with Mental Illness, and his anthology "Poet to the Poor: Poems of Hope for the Bottom One Percent."

Followed by Serbsican on Saturday, 14-Jan at 8:PM EST, to talk about their music and upcoming projects in 2017.

And more will be announced as they are scheduled!  Thanks for tuning in and for all of your support!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why do working class white people vote for Republicans?

I did an exercise a while back, looking at how the voting pattern of the different regions of the country changed over time.  (Yeah, can't find it now. Sorry.)  But I would like to visit two regions in particular: The Northeast and the Southeast. Because I believe that these show, in the starkest manner, how the ideologies of the parties have shifted over time, and how the regions embraced one party, then another, over that time period.

A couple of points:

1) For this excessive I am looking at who the States went to in the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

2) I'm leaving out the other regions because the pattern I wish to demonstrate does not apply. The Mountain States (and Alaska) have ALWAYS been, and REMAIN solidly Republican Territory. (A few have just started to turn, only in the past few cycles.)The Midwest, has generally been a reliable battleground, with a mix of loyalties throughout he region, and the Pacific States WERE solidly Republican until 1992, since which they have become solidly Democratic.

3) I am leaving out the following years, during which one party of the other won in a National Landslide: 1936, 1940, 1944, 1964, 1972, 1984.  These years say less about the region and their party loyalty and more about how well (or how poorly) the individual candidates did that year. IOW: That Massachusetts went to Reagan in 1984 or Roosevelt in 1936 says very little about Massachusetts specifically, and far more about Reagan and Roosevelt, since basically the ENTIRE COUNTRY went that way in those years.

4) I am starting with the 1876 elections. This was the first year that the REPUBLICANS faced a unified DEMOCRATIC party.  In the elections prior, the Democrats were fractured and ran multiple candidates. And before 1860, there were no Republicans.

5) To keep the number on the same scale, I am counting how often the State went to the DEMOCRAT.  And coloring according to that Scale.

Here is the first period:

As you can see, the DEMOCRATS dominated the Deep South.  And mind you, this map DOES NOT include the National Democratic Landslides of Franklin Roosevelt!

And now the second period:

WHOA! The damn map done FLIPPED RIGHT OVER!  Well... What the hell happened in 1964 that was so...?

"We have lost the South for a generation."  President Lyndon Johnson, upon signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

OK... So actually the quote itself is mere legend. He never said it. But the sentiment however, if anything, is grossly understated.  If he had said it, it would have been amazingly prescient.  And given that this is basically the largest, if not the only, such change in electoral college trends - as the Mountain states were already Red and stayed Red, the Midwest stayed mostly purple, and the Pacific Coast (3 states) changing much later - don't tell me that this isn't about race. And don't believe ANYONE when the say that the DEMOCRATS are the party of the KKK.  Oh, sure, they were. No doubt about it: LOOK AT THE TOP MAP!

But when they STOPPED being that?

They lost the South for GENERATIONS, and have still failed to win the bulk of it back.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


So just got home from our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Lynchburgh Virginia.  This year, I am thankful that Liberty University has such conveniently placed SIGNS...