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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How stupid are these people?

LOL, I couldn't resist!

Is she still a serious contender for 2012? Seriously? She hurt McCain! She's as divisive a George W. Bush, and yet somehow even stupider! I read recently that Dick Cheney is being considered for 2012. I'd LOVE that. Obama versus Cheney. It won't be Reagan-Mondale, but Obama would mop the floor with him. And Sarah Palin? Are you kidding?! Can you imagine the debates? He'd tear her apart! But who else do they have? Mike "I let Maurice Clemmons out of prison early" Huckabee? Oh, if there is a God HE will be somewhere on the ticket... And we'll "Willie Horton" the stuffing out him! (That'd be fun, huh?) Mitt Romney? Who was pro-choice before he was pro-life? For Gay rights before he was against them? Good like selling HIM to the bible-humpers down south! Newt Gingrich? (See "Dick Cheney!") Cheney and Gingrich are among the most depsised politicians in America. Is ANYONE here concerned about 2012? Seriously? I'm only concerned about Congressional seats. And even there, the 'Pubs could hardly make a dent in the off-year. They'll gain some in the Mid's, the opposition party always does, but I predict that the gains for them will be small. And yet, somehow Fox will still trumpet how a 2-seat gains in the house represents a "mandate against Obama" or some nonsense like that!

But anyway, like the title suggested... HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

Here a few examples that should make you laugh. (Or throw up.)

Here a bit about that douchebag Andrew Shafly over at Conservapedia, re-writing the Bible. A few gems from that waste of donor organs...

"Professors are the most liberal group of people in the world, and it's professors who are doing the popular modern translations of the Bible,"

LOL. Yeah Professors... who also happen to be the smartest, most well-infomred people in the world as well. Curse that darned "research" and "inquiry" and "analysis" and "evidence." What liberal codswallop!

"The phrase 'theological conservative' does not mean that someone is politically conservative," said Schlafly.

This is a lie. There may be not causality, but the fact is the correlation is 1-to-1, 100%. because it only Conservatives like Shitfly who use the Bible to defend their positions (because, it's not like more American concepts like FREEDOM or LIBERTY or even LIMITED GOVERNMENT will work!) and since Liberals are generally smarter and for more prone to resort to LOGIC and REASON, it is only Conservatoive like Shitfly that look foolish when the Bible is turned against him.

The inablity to tolertate any questioning of your beliefs is a common, almost universal, mental illness among Conservatives, and Shitfly is ehxibit numero uno in that.

Here another one, about the utter failure of Glenn Beck movie in every major market. It did well in the rural south, that Mecca of fine America culture, but flopped in New York, Boston and D.C. (Big surprise, huh?)

Now, HOW STUPID is Glenn Beck? How about the TICKET PRICE?: He charged TWENTY DOLLARS PER TICKET! How out-of-touch with middle America do you have to be to charge DOUBLE the price that makes more and more Americans switch to Netflix every year? It must be nice to make so much money that $20 to see a crappy movie seems like a reasonable price!

I really wish the Democrats would hire some more sleazy campaign managers. They really need to drive home just how out of touch the Righties are. They calime to be "populists" but THEY'RE the real "elitists."


  1. La Palin, debate Obama? I don't think so. She's already debating herself, and losing on both sides of the desk.

    I have to say though, Eddie, I don't agree with your Congressional analysis. The Democrats are, in my view, in trouble. They haven't produced, or shown any kind of cojones against the Republicans, with the honorable exception of a few like Sherrod Brown and Sheldon Whitehouse. The Democratic base is, therefore, discouraged and unmotivated, while the Republican base (I know, they're hysterical, but votes don't have to be rational to be counted) is chomping at the bit. If the economy stays in the tank for the next six to nine months there is no way the Dems don't take a SERIOUS hit. And since they've already shown that they might not be able to stand up to the Repugs, even with a super majority, they'd be totally gelded by the loss of a few seats.

  2. Well... You're dead on about the Dem's lack of spine. With the majorities they have, it's been frustrating as hell watching them pander to the minority party the way they have. And the 'liberal' media (yeah, right!) never does them any favors either. They had no problem calling out DEMOCRATIC obstruction, back in the day (whether it was there or not) you'd think they could even occasionally call out the republicans when they're playing 10x the political games, and obstructing everything in sight beyond all reason.

    But I see a few things in the Dems favor:

    1) The economy IS picking up. Even though all the conservtaives are wishing against it, economic recovery IS coming. And I just have a feeling that we're going to see some jobs growth by next Novemeber. Right now everything points up. It's only a question of whether it happnes before the election or after.

    2) The dissatisfaction with the Democrats and congress in general hasn't yeilded much in the way of positive polling for the Republicans. I realize that they're doing better than they were at this time last year, but when you factor in the media help they get along with the ongoing economic troubles, and Congress's inability to pass ANYTHING and the overall anger everyone feels... They really should be doing better than just having their BASE chomping at the bit.

    3) NY-23. I'm still waiting to see how many REPUBLICANS the far right sabotages in favor of "REAL CONSERVTAIVES." The unity they had as a party back in '94 is largely gone. The "base" seems almost as angry with the Republicans as they do with the Democrats. But THEIR frustration (unlike ours) will most likely form ACTION. Which COULD mean a lot of repeats of NY-23, seeing as how these people don't understand jack about how REAL politics works.

    And the of course there's Obama himself, who still seems to ba able to manufacture +2% to his approval rating just by giving a speech. We'll see. I don't see the Republican's taking back control or anything, but who knows?

    The Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  3. From your lips to Zarathustra's (or pick your favorite) ears. With regard to the "liberal media," check this out:

    Boy, Glenn Beck's "failure in every major movie market," sure does make me sad. Heh, heh, heh.

  4. For Democrats with chutzpah, I have to say that I like Alan Grayson. He seems to be one of the select few Democrats to actually use language that Republicans use, and he seems to be hitting a nerve...

    As for Palin vs. Obama. I would love to see that play out, but seeing how delusional the woman is, I expect her to try to contend for the 2012 election and when she loses in the primary, she will take her tea party horde to try and win on her own, believing that is what America truly wants, but she would really just put the kibosh on any GOP candidate...

  5. You're right about Grayson, Kevin, thanks for righting the wrong I did him.

    BTW, with a first name that means "gentle," and a last one that means "strife," are you often at odds with yourself?