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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tax Cuts for Millonaires

And to think that just this morning, I was arguing with someone over whether or not Obama had a tendency to cave to the Right...

Well, the Right got their tax cuts extended.  All of them.  And this after two years of hammering Obama about the DEFICIT!  Un-be-fucking-lievable.

And the best line out of the whole debate?

After having to jetison the Making Work Pay tax credit (for individuals making under $75K and couples making less than $150K) which was part of last year's (Obama's) stimulus bill, the biggest SOB in the Senate, Orin Hatch had the nerve to complain that the Make Work Pay tax credit in effect exempted too many middle-income Americans from having to pay income taxes.

Give that one to you RW friends to stick in their pipe and smoke the next time they tell you the Republicans aren't just out for "tax cuts for millionares," of for that matter that Obama doesn't cave to the Right:

The top 2% got their tax break, but the rest of us lost a big one of ours. 

Why the fuck do we even need this guy? (Obama.)  What has he done that the GUYS WHO LOST (when he came into office) wouldn't have done?  Seriously.  Fifty-nine votes in the Senate and they give the tax cut to the top 2% and screw over everyone else.

That's actually WORSE than Bush.  At least Bush gave me SOMETHING.

The only cut I'm getting?  My social security tax.  AT A TIME WHEN WE'RE CONSTANTLY HEARING THAT SOCIAL SECURITY IS GOING BROKE!  (And from the Republicans, no less! How does this shit even HAPPEN?!)

He's actually worse than Bush.  Relative to what he was given and what he had to work with, politically?   Obama is worse than Bush.

It's un-fucking-believable.

The only thing worse are these idiots who are STILL going around trying to call him a socialist.

This is not what I voted for. Not at all. Lemme know who the 2012 primary challenger is, ASAP.  Because unless Sarah Palin is leading the other ticket, and it's someone who can't beat her?

They've already got my vote.


And BTW, I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of Elizabeth Edwards.  It's been a rough week, first Ron Santo, and now Edwards.  My thoughts are with both of their families.  You have my sincerest condolences.


  1. He's just been a really, really awful president. He can be said to be far less effective than Bush, because Bush got almost everything he wanted, but a judgment of "worse than Bush" requires a little deeper analysis. Bush was a malevolent idiot man-child who, with his evil-intentioned hecubi, steered the U.S. toward outright fascism. Obama has been an ineffective incompetent, but he doesn't have anything like that degree of bad intentions, and the damage he's done isn't even in the same galaxy as that done by Bush, so, in that respect, "worse than Bush" seems unjust.

    On the other hand, the Obama had congressional supermajorities for two years and could have gotten just about anything he wanted, and what he has given us is pretty much nothing--as I've said before, entire books will be written about the historic opportunity he completely wasted--and the shocking extent of this tragedy could well be judged as worse than what happened under Bush. No one with more than a few functioning brain-cells expected anything good from Bush. He's like the school dumb jock cliche' who never grew up. The Obama could have been one of the greats.

    Instead, this administration has gone pretty much exactly as I said it would since shortly before it began. He's everything people falsely accused Carter of being. And yesterday, in announcing his great deal with the Republicans, he came before the public with fighting spirit aroused and fire in his eyes... except his fire, it turned out, was all directed at his own base. He won't fight with Republicans over ANYTHING, but he's ready to lay the hammer down on the people who have supported him. Pathetic. Inspired Olbermann to one of his "special comments"--brutal and withering, and something you should watch, if you haven't yet seen it.

    I wrote a long reply to your last blog yesterday, but it seems to have been deleted. Any reason, or just some blogspot foul-up? I'm not really able to write much of anything now--my world sort of ended a few weeks ago, and these have been the longest things I've been able to write on any other subject since.

  2. My "worse than Bush" comment was OTT perhapd, but had more to do with the oppotunity that's been pissed away than any kind of moral judgement of the man. It's also relative to my expectations. Bush was as bad as I expected, and by the end? (Tarp, Auto-Deal) Actually did one or two things right. You may disagree on those specific examples, but lets leave that for another time, K? The POINT is that Bush wasn't SURPRISINGLY bad. He was no worse than I expected him to be from Day 1. (As bad as that was.)

    Obama, OTOH... I had great expectations of. Not crazy, mind you - I still read him as a moderate - but still significant. And it was more than just HIM. It was about a man I percieved as being a great orator, who could sell ice to an eskimo (politically speaking) and the fact that he had 58-60 Votes in the Senate (depending on when you count them) and a HUGE House Majority. That was as perfect a storm as any for the kind of agenda that woujld have made FDR or LBJ proud. Instead we get Bush Lite... Which is about as good as Busch Lite: Watered down horse piss.

    So when I say, "Worse than Bush," I'm primarily talking about in terms of being a colossal disappointment, on top of being ALMOST as bad a President.

    About your comment... For some reason it got caught up in the Spam Filter, which I pretty much never check, because it hardly ever gets anything. But I've gone ahead and published your comment now, thought as of when I'm writing THIS, I haven't read it yet. (I'm going to now.)

    Thanks for both of your comments, and I'm sorry to hear about [whatever happened a few ago.]

  3. The GOP are victorious bullies but what really sucks is they hardly had to threaten at all. Obama gave up his lunch money without a fight. I campaigned for the spineless weenie. I gave him more then $500 of my hard earned money. This was just complete bullshit and I am done with him.

  4. @Jlarue,

    OMG! I can't imagine!

    I didn't donate any $$$, and the extent of the "campaigning" I did consisted of me arguing with my RW friends that [Obama] wasn't as nearly the radical that Fox & Co. was making him out to be.

    Now... I had no idea at the time just how right I was! But I can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd given him any REAL time or money!

    Clinton's "I feel your pain" line always made me roll my eyes, but you have my sympathy.

    Thanks for your comment.