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Sunday, January 23, 2011



Guilty as charged, on most counts, and just... Wow.

Cracked hits it on the head once again.  Very intersting bit about the media, BTW.  Right on the nose.  But seriously, read the whole thing.  It's just...



  1. Guilty on most counts too.
    and just...wow indeed.

  2. Right on some points, wrong on many, (and I don't do "friends" or "loneliness" no matter what era it is) but the crux is that the excuses are taken away. Back in the day, things sucked because of forces. Now they suck because of bad people. Fewer things suck, but the suckiness is more tragic.

    We can solve healthcare just by cribbing Japan's answer sheet, for crying out loud. Economics advances at light speed for 80 years, but only Krugman is aware of any of it. We disagree on basic facts when they've never been easier to obtain. There's no excuse for being an idiot anymore. When it's me against the world, it's when the "world"
    could straighten itself out in a day by not being such a dick.

    (I'm happy in real life, but the internet is about fixing things.)