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Friday, June 17, 2011

So I was reading Cracked earlier and I saw this ad (just an ad, not one of Cracked's things):

And so I clicked it (as you should ALWAYS do when some bullshit ad pops up on a site you like, thereby taking say... some crack-pot's money and redistributing it to a common-sense blogger.) (Hint, hint.)  And the ad linked this THIS SITE.  I just perusde it, I didn't read much of it, and I couldn't help but wonder...



Now... BELIEVE ME... I'm as disappointed as the next guy (probably ClassicLiberal) that President Obama did not immediately, and has not yet, disabled and dismantled all of these illegal Bush-Era practices.  (Like the MURDER LIST? Yeah... Come on Barry, WTF RU waiting for?!)

And I, like many Liberals, am certainly not above critical discussion of President Obama. But I cannot STAND it when he's criticised for continuing Bush-era policies by the same RW Fools that HEER-LEAD the SAME POLICIES when Bush was in office, while REAL Civil Libertarians were voicing their concerns and were ridiculed BY THESE SAME PEOPLE for it!

The list of hypocrisy and projection on the part oft he Right grows and grows, and this is actually two more examples in one: First - They complain Obama doing what Bush did... And criticised us fro complaining about it under Bush!  Second - They keep saying we don't criticize Obama.  That he's our "Messiah" or that anyone who criticise him will be called a racist.  Um... No. That's a lot of shit that the Right just MADE UP.  And it's obvious from how these things always play out, that THEY are the ones who can't stand to see their leaders criticized.

How much more obvious can that be when the criticize Obama for doing the very things THEY INVENTED?!

Oh yeah... And speaking of Cracked, here's another great article.  There "liberal bias" (read penchant for living in reality) is less subtle with this one.  The article's great, and some of the comments are even better. (Look for mine: 'EddieCabot'!)


  1. Actually, from what I heard, the Patriot Act was not only extended, but also expanded.

    ...And not only that, it's interpretations are left solely to the Executive, of which are mostly secretive. Those who actually know of them are saying things like.. (and I'm paraphrasing, I forget the actual quote.)

    "One day, people will learn of the new provisions in the Patriot Act. They will ask their congressmen.. 'You knew of this?' 'Why didn't you?' and 'Wasn't it your JOB to know what you were voting on?'"

    Other than a few media outlets and.. Tom Tomorrow's "Modern World", you'd be hard-pressed to find ANYONE covering that story.

    Like Obama's stance on whistleblowing, this is not only a simple hypocrisy, this is a complete, unforgivable 180. He's actually hyper-charging the problem.

    My stances on these issues are so strong that I have had no choice but to give Obama the Caesar "thumbs down."

  2. I don't remember where I saw this but I saw some Republican saying they never really voiced opposition to things under Bush because he was one of their own.

    It just really bothered me and made me wonder how people could continue voting for these people when they admit their hypocrisy.

  3. Dard & Kevin -

    I agree with the overall sentiment in both of your posts.

    And let me be clear: I also give Obama two thumbs WAAAY down on this issue. What's more, like you, I don't fault the Right for criticising it at this moment in time, but rather for NOT speaking up when THEY were the ones abusing power in this way. And hey: The Dem's are 100% as bad here, because they were speaking up plenty from 2001-2008, but not so much now. Both sides are guilty of RAMPANT hypocrisy here, and neither had a single principle to fall back on. (And "keeping us safe" is bullshit. They can keep us safe and still have judicial oversight. FISA was a kangaroo court as it was, and we don't even have THAT anymore!)

    And, to acknowledge a very salient point that ClassicLib brought up last year about Justice Kagan: Obama is NOT stacking the SC with justices who will oppose this kind of abuse of power!

    (This is where some RW Jack-Hole is supposed to chime in saying, "Yeah: Big Surprise!" and I punch him in the face for not taking responsibility for the fact that HIS PARTY created the whole damn mess!)

    Thanks for your comments.