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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gold Star Awards, September, 2011

It's the end of the month and that (usually) means two things:

1) I get paid tomorrow.
2) Time for more Hall of Fame inductees!

It's the year of Boston's Impossible Dream - fitting, or ironic, seeing as how they blew their 2011 Season last night in final game after pissing away the biggest lead in history (9 Games) every to be blown in September - but we've got one Gold, one Silver and one Revision from a previous month.  Here we go:

The Red Ruffing GOLD STAR #39: Laughing in Purgatory

While I've been focusing more on the Economy and anti-Corporatism lately, I haven't entirely lost site of the second biggest part of my political agenda: the Separation of Church and state.  Laughing in Purgatory is a blog about raising children in an atheist household in a (*wink*) Christian Nation. It is delightfully irreverent, and anti-religious and does a fantastic job of poking the nose of organized religion and singing the praises of raising our children to be rational, critical and free thinkers.

The Lloyd Waner SILVER STAR #37: The Bleacher Report
They're kind of like the Cracked.com of online Sports Magazine, with all kinds of top-10, top-50 and even top-100 lists spanning all major sports - Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey,Soccer, Golf, Boxing... you name it, they cover it all.  Their writing style is fairly informal (even someone like me catches several typo's in each post) but it gives the feel of having a conversation with a well-informed amateur, rather than a high-and-mighty sports writer.  It always makes for an interesting read, and it should be a regular stop for any sports fan.
And finally, a revision...
I'm hereby officially stripping Netflix of their Silver Star.  (See me previous post for more info.) So...
The NEW Frank Chance SILVER STAR #13: The Chive
"Possibly the best site in the world." ~The Chive
They've got humor, sports, videos, pictures of girls... What's not to love?  Cracked.com links to their stuff fairly often.  Worth checking out.

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