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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm very happy about the results last night. Congratulations to Presdient Obama, and congratulations to Alan Grayson, to Joe Donnely, to Claire McKaskill, to Elizabeth Warren, to Angus King, to Tammy Baldwin, to Debbie Stabenow, to so many others and especially to the record number of women elected to Congress last night.  Congratulations to Pot Smokers in Colorado and Wisconsin, to supporters of marriage equality and to same-sex couples and to all those who voted for progress over dogma, acceptance and toelrance over bigotry and hate, personal liberty over corporate dominance, reproductive freedom over mysogynistioc theocracy, excellence over anti-intellectualism, and reality over Right Wing Propaganda.

It was a great night for Democracy, for America and for Progress, and I have no doubt that the best IS, in fact, yet to come.

And to Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh and every other numerically illiterate pundit out there who, if there were any justice in this world, should NEVER be given their credibility back...



  1. That excellently-chosen graphic underscores everything. Reading a poll number has now been classified as liberalism. Liberalism is no longer an opinion, position, or ideology. It is nothing more or less than the set of all correct statements.

    If there is anyone on my TV who isn't a liberal, that person by definition is too stupid to talk. Not too long ago, stupidity was being conservative. Now stupidity is simply being non-partisan.

  2. Bill O'Reilly said the end of classic white majority rule is over, or some such thing. I agree and I say thank goodness! The shift was incredible and it showed the reality of these great states and not the sour-tinged vomit of right wing hacks and pundits. We re-elected Alan Grayson. We defeated West and Mourdock and Akin. We are sending ten new women to the senate, one a lesbian. We made pot legal in two states, legalized gay marriage in three states and kept an anti-gay marriage amendment off the constitution in another. Who's a real American now, bitches?

    1. Let's see, "real Americans" .... you make immorality legal, you make drug use legal (in spite of the world-wide epidemic of the danger from drug use). I don't think you are the "real Americans" you talk about. You might be the bitter Americans who feel cheated because they can't get the government to pay for enough of your stuff.

    2. Picture me throwing my head back and barking out a laugh.

    3. I picture you throwing your head back while you try to catch more government handouts. Which makes you a "real American".

  3. The blossom is gone from the turd. I've been breaking into song and laughter every few minutes, ever since I heard how much money Karl Rove spent, and to what dismal effect. I got a heck of a lot more bang for my two hundred or so bucks than he did for his millions: President Obama; Sherrod Brown; Tammy Duckworth; Tammy Baldwin, and Claire McCaskill. Five for five. I think I may be becoming a "guru."

  4. As a died-in-the-wool conservative Tea Party advocate I must say that Obama won because Romeny wasn't conservative enough.

    That's right, people!

    Because Romney was sufficiently conservative enough people voted for Obama rather than Romney.

    I weep bitter tears of blood for Ameica.


    Jack Strawman

    1. ERROR! I obviously meant:

      "Because Romney was insufficiently conservative enough people voted for Obama rather than Romney."

      Wake Up America!


  5. You can only wonder how these people were so deluded... or you can believe the theory that Rove thought the Ohio votes were fixed to make Romney win and that the hacker group Anonymous prevented a Romney win by blocking his devious plan. Either way, suck it Republicans!!! :-)