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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Racism Part 1: The Law and Justice

Watch these three videos, if you can stomach it - they're pretty brutal...
(trigger warning, etc...)




...And then contrast these to Steve Lohner...

...or the KID GLOVE handling of Joesph Houseman:

Seriously?! This obviously, openly, armed, angry, belligerent, RW asshole yells at the cops for almost 10- minutes strait?! Tamir Rice? John Crawford? The cops gunned them down, on sight, in under ONE SECOND.  And I'm supposed to believe that race doesn't play a factor?  I'm supposed to believe that these cops were acting appropriately?!  And then I'm supposed to believe the cop, and the lone, white, racist witness in the Michael Brown case?! BULLSHIT.  This is not only criminal, it's indefensible. The Grand Jury, in every case, didn't see that way, so fuck them.  The Prosecutors consistently shit-canned their own cases, so FUCK THEM.  Gerlado wants to tell me that BLACK PEOPLE are the problem? FUCK HIM. And if you can't recognize the problem here? THEN FUCK YOU.

And if you're still even thinking of telling what a threat these people were, let's not forget that they somehow made the effort to take THIS GUY alive:

James Holmes, remember him? Killed 12 people, was carrying a Shot Gun, a Semi-Automatic Rifle, a Hand gun and Tear Gas Grenades?  Imagine for a moment the mentality it must take to take the time, effort and risk to take this piece of shit alive, and yet the men above had to be put down like dogs in under a second.

Go ahead. Try to argue with me on this.  It's not a question of whether we have a police-state problem, or a race problem, it's only a question of how many people, black AND white (and every other color) need to DIE before something constructive is done about it.

And if you're still skeptical, how about some crushed testicles?

And before anyone wastes any of my time telling me that these are isolated incidents, here is a list of UNARMED Black Men killed by the police since 1999. (And from my own research for past posts, I can assure you that this is FAR from an exhaustive list.)

Oh, and let's not forget that nearly bottomless scum pit of a prosecutor who thought that an abused woman firing a warning shot at her abusive ex-boyfriend deserved SIXTY YEARS in prison for it.
Yeah. No problem with White Privilege or Male Privilege here, is there?  By all means, let's keep "standing our ground."

And even after all that, if you don't understand why they riot, especially in THEIR OWN neighborhoods? Well, THIS GUY explains it, and gives you different perspective on it.  It's his opinion and perspective, not mine, but the more I see of just how much we have a problem with racism in this country, the less inclined I am to judge ANY of these folks.

(And more on all this in my next post.)

(CORRECTION: In the video, I referred to JOSEPH Houseman as JOHN, and JAMES Holmes also as JOHN.  My apologies.)

(After all, the last time anyone saw JOHN Holmes in a theater, he was armed with something completely different.)


  1. "It's not a question of whether we have a police-state problem, or a race problem, it's only a question of how many people, black AND white (and every other color) need to DIE before something constructive is done about it."

    Well, if we are to even partially believe anything you've said, then it absolutely IS a "police-state problem" and "race problem". How can you make a logical argument denouncing police killings of black people and then try to deny there is a race problem?

    "Yeah. No problem with White Privilege or Male Privilege here, is there? By all means, let's keep "standing our ground.""

    Ahh, we get to the crux of your whine. You are feeling deprived because you are white and male and yet not getting the "privilege" you see everyone else who is white and male get. THAT, my friend, is very typical of the liberal mentality. You don't get what others of status get so you feel you should be able to force them to give to you what they've got. Good for you for staying true to your ideals. Keep these senseless whines a coming. They make Christmas so cheery watching you complain about racism and murder and and propping up John Holmes. But, I guess you liberals love sex, drugs and violence too much to be able to see the good in the nation as opposed to only seeing the bad.

    Perhaps you should go back to your stories and find out what political leanings each person involved had. Was it right-winger killing left-winger or lefty on lefty crime? Was it righty on righty crime? I think that stat alone would tell a lot about who is committing crimes and who is defending our streets. Why don't you do some real research instead of just gleaning off the headlines for your stories? Ahh,, never mind, liberals don't do anything that someone else hasn't already done for them.

    1. You really are a dumb fuck, aren't you Will?

    2. Wow, I must have nailed that one on the head. Great educated reply, Eddie.

    3. William, your comment reads like a bad, punch drunk parody of your usual crap. There is no part of it that warrants a response. There is, in fact, no part of it that doesn't completely misrepresent everything I've said. I'm confident that NO ONE is going to read your reply and think I need to respond. So I'll let it stand. If you'd like to debate any of the points I actually MADE, feel free. It you actually CHALLENGE anything I've said I'll gladly respond in kind.

      (Here's a mental challenge for you: Maybe start with something I said in the post that you actually disagree with?)

    4. Eddie, you commented like the lying misleader you are. There are nearly a million police in America who, day-in and day-out 24 hours a day, deal with the criminal aspect of our population in some of the worst cities in America. And what you have to show that the police are racist thugs are a few articles that expose the worst of the worst. A MILLION police doing that job everyday and all you have are a number of articles that you can count using your fingers and toes. Even in todays age of cell-phones that is all you got.

      Maybe you should check the stats of how many police are murdered each year (hint: you'll need more than your fingers and toes) and find out who murdered them. And, compare that to the few articles you have to support your stance.

      Maybe you should get out of your basement more often and walk the streets of your own town. Take your wife and kids along with you for that walk. I'll bet you wish there would be a cop nearby then. Do you ever do that, Eddie? Do you ever walk the streets of your town with your family? If not, then you've shot your own whine down.

    5. OK, that's a bit more like it...
      As I mentioned in the video, the articles are exemplary of the kind of thing that motivates the protesters. When they SEE things like the six examples I posted, and many others (don't pretend this is all there is) they get angry. And how you can look at these videos and NOT get angry, especially once you DO get a handle on just how often this happens, and then *MOST IMPORTANTLY* that the cops behind it are never - and I do mean NEVER - prosecuted or even disciplined for it? Well, these six examples are merely a GLIMPSE (a MINUTE glimpse at that) into what is really driving the protests.
      As for how many police are murdered? (Or how many there ARE?) 100%, absolutely irrelevant. Neither would justify any killing of an innocent (until proven guilty) unarmed person - in some cases from a mile away with less than a second's thought (see above videos.) The actions of one Black person does not justify retribution against another. Period. Also, neither would address the fact that the "few bad apples" as you claim them to be, ARE NEVER PROSECUTED OR DISCIPLINED.
      As for going into Detroit? I addressed that in your comment under Part 2.

    6. ...or do you watch the videos of John Crawford and Tamir Rice and NOT see murder?

      Do you NOT think these cops should be prosecuted for what they've done?

    7. "As for going into Detroit? I addressed that in your comment under Part 2."

      Yeah, why wouldn't you go to certain areas of Detroit? What kind of crime are you afraid of? Yet you think the police should go into those areas and their deaths be considered inconsequential. I don't think you understand the life of a policeman(woman). They expose themselves to harm day-in and day-out. Just like the military (that you give so many props to) when they are in war zones. BTW, what makes those areas a place you wouldn't visit? Is it the people living there? Are you being a bit racist? Well, reacting to situations can save your life. Cops have it harder ... they have no choice of what area they MUST go into. If you were to enter one of those areas, would you tend to error on the side of caution or risk? Think about that one for a while.
      What if that area was all white ... would you still error on the side of caution? Nah, I didn't think so. How many areas in this nation are like THAT? Hell, even if you waked into a Nazi/KKK area YOU would fit right in (visually).

      As for your red-headed goon you had an issue with ... I agree, he should have just been taken out as soon as there is an open shot. However, in the liberalized world (nation) we live in, today, that is considered taboo. Even criminals have rights. THAT is why I believe and support the death penalty. Do you think that guy deserves the death penalty? How about the Columbine kids? Or the many other mass-murderers who can be absolutely shown to have been the ones to do the murdering? Liberals think that because some isolated cases happen where the wrong person is condemned then the entire procedure should be shut down.
      How about the process itself. Would YOU care if that red-headed goon was put into "old sparky" for his execution? Personally, I would not. It seems that liberals even think letting the damn murderers painlessly fall asleep then die is 'cruel and unusual' punishment. Well screw those ideals. I think more people would think twice about committing heinous crimes if they knew they would actually be punished for them. And, in turn, that would create safer areas (such as those in Detroit you won't venture into) by letting criminals know they won't get off scott-free for the crimes they committed. Unlike the liberal ideal that they should.

    8. BTW, yes I think cops should be prosecuted for CRIMES they commit,. But, only when it is determined to be a crime. And the court of internet justice does NOT count. The court of LAW does count. Bring some sane judges that agree with that and we'll get action. If we keep those liberal judges in place then we will not. IMHO

    9. I'm interested in if you have any comments I made about the orange-headed goon you discussed and the follow-up procedures. Do you have any comments on that?

    10. Like what? I don't oppose the death penalty on principle, and I've argued with every regulr liberal posrter I've ever had here over it. In PRACTICE, however, there are major problems that DO need to be addressed. AND? So? What's your point?

    11. My point? http://www.fbi.gov/sandiego/press-releases/2014/fbi-releases-2013-statistics-on-law-enforcement-officers-killed-and-assaulted

      That is 76 in ONE YEAR, with 50,000 assaults on police in ONE YEAR. And your worry is about 76 over a 15 year period. And then you can't even answer the questions I have about the death penalty for those obviously guilty.

    12. Tell you what, Will... Go back and tell me how many times one of those cops was killed, they knew who did it (or had a suspect) and the suspect was either NOT CHARGED at all or had the charge THROWN OUT by the Grand Jury. Because THAT'S the issue here. 76 (as you claim, though I bet it's higher) "isolated" incidents of unarmed black men (not to mention how many unarmed men and women of other colors!) getting gunned down, and the Cop who shot them getting off SCOTT FREE. Let's compare numbers how many RELEVANT examples can you bring - I GUARANTEE I'll come up with more.

      As for Mr. Holmes? I certainly wouldn't have shed a tear if they'd killed him on site, and I wouldn't protest his execution. That being said, I was interested, since they did take him alive, to have the Psych's pick his brain a bit to see what the hell happened to this otherwise intelligent, well educated man, and also to possibly identify any previously unknown warning signs in others. And? So? I ask again: What was your point?

      That's a rhetorical question, BTW. I'll be honest: I don't really care at this point. I DO wish to see you answer the challenge in the FIRST part though.

    13. Wow, it's a glorious day in your cop-hating neighborhood: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/21/nyregion/two-police-officers-shot-in-their-patrol-car-in-brooklyn.html?_r=0

      You must be very proud of all your protesting and violence inciting friends. They (and you) and achieved your goal. The funny thing about that article is that the murderer was never pictured and it was never mentioned what race he was. But he sure was stupid ... he shoots 1 black person, 1 asian person and 1 latino person. He wasn't even smart enough to shoot a white person (which you complain about ... that white cops are terrible people). That shows the intelligence level of people that the cops have to deal with day-in and day-out.
      So, screw you Eddie, and all the rest of you violence inciting people who now have blood on your own hands. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

      I'll accept that challenge. Which cop did not have his case carried out through our current system of justice? Isn't the grand jury part of the system of justice you claimed I had no idea how it works? Well, my violence inciting friend, it seems you are forgetting that the justice system was followed and you're asking me to show something different. Typical violence inciting liberal. can't even ask intelligent questions without the comparisons being completely unrelated. So, I accepted and completed your challenge, while you whimpered through the one I challenged you to, ignoring half of it.

      I suspect you'll censor my comment as soon as you read it. That would be the typical and expected liberal recourse.

    14. You must be loving the news lately: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/12/21/police-shooting-florida/20723027/
      More dead cops. Nothing could be finer for people like you who complain and whine about cops doing their job. Hey where are all the protests about innocent cops being killed? What? Not protesting that? Go figure.

    15. Are you keeping up with the news? Another police shooting of a black man near Ferguson. Of course it doesn't matter that the man was a criminal in the middle of a criminal act (like Michael Brown), all that matters is that the police shot him. Didn't take long for protesters to show up after this shooting. BTW, I still haven't seen any protesters at the scene (or any other city) for the police that were gunned down by a black man.
      No comments coming from you (or anyone else)? I guess knowing too much of the truth about who gets killed more than who really speaks volumes towards the whines you bring. It's really interesting to find out that many of those you are protesting the death of were actually in the middle of crimes when they were killed. Perhaps if they had actually done what they were told, they wouldn't have died. But, criminals do what criminals do ... and they get what they ask for.

    16. It just keeps getting better, for people like you. Now, you get to protest the killing of someone attempting to kill a cop because the cop shot first. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/12/25/protesters-berkeley-shooting/20889139/

      Of course your other option is letting the criminals rule the streets: http://news.yahoo.com/four-shot-one-fatally-downtown-st-louis-050034846.html

      Is THAT what people like you want? You think it isn't safe to walk the streets of Detroit, now, just wait till the cops stop showing up at any given call just because they don't want to put themselves into a position where they have to defend the actions they take to save their own lives from criminals that people like you support so violently.

    17. http://www.fox10phoenix.com/story/27718630/2014/12/28/officials-release-new-information-regarding-shooting-death-of-young-flagstaff-officer

      Wow, you criminal loving people just keep getting more and more to cheer for.

      FYI, the shooter and cop were white, so you probably haven't heard about this one. It's hard for racists to keep track of anything outside their little box. So, I don't think there will be any protests ... even after the attacker is dead after a confrontation with police.

    18. http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/02/us/wv-officers-shot-during-traffic-stop/

      More good news for those of you who hate the way cops do their job. Oh, BTW, you probably won't see any protests on these arrests. Since the race wasn't identified you can assume they were white. And, nobody wants to protest white criminals getting in trouble.

      And, here's the best one for all of you: ambush style cop killings are UP 50%. Along with cops killed on duty UP 50%. Looks like 2014 was the year for the cop hater.