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Sunday, January 10, 2016

FIRST SHOW of 2016!!!

Yeah... we'll see. LOL

Due to some technical and economic industry upheaval that's occurred recently, it's probably 50/50 is this show will air. Given those odds, there is no guest (I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time doing a show that might not air, so for the first show of 2016, you'll have the pleasure of listening to the musical sound of the voice of yours truly.  I am going to cover some of the issue surrounding the future of Internet radio, and what 2016 might look like for the independent, Internet-based stations, as well as get into my opinions on Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder, the situation in Flint, the situation in Oregon, and the situation with gun control,  (No, I won't be covering The Situation, from the Jersey Shore.) AND if the show doesn't end up airing at it's normal time, at 10:PM Eastern, on January 12th on Rainbow, you *might* still be able to catch it at 4:PM Eastern on the 13th.  Failing that I will continue my practice of hosting the shows here after they air.

Thanks you for listening! Thank you for your support! And I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

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