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'Niceguy' Eddie

Political Talk Show Host and Internet Radio Personality. My show, In My Humble Opinion, aired on RainbowRadio from 2015-2017.

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Awesome People!

I've had the privilege of interviewing the following AWESOME PEOPLE on my show:

Eric Alán

Buck Angel

Simon "Ding" Archer

Danni Askini

Antonia Barone

Jeremy Behrens, encore

Mike Bennett

Christian Beranek

Hayden Black

Shellie Blum

Sally Broderick

Diane Bruessow

Robyn Carson

Harry Casey (KC)

Amrick Channa

Sandy Chapin

Joseph Conway

Caroline 'Tula' Cossey

Rebecca Cohen

Kelci Crawford

Colleen Crossey

Stephen Daniello

Ciaran Davey

Inaya Day

Marcella Detroit

Suzanne DeWitt Hall, 2nd Appearance

The Doctor, 2nd Appearance, 3rd Appearance, 4th Appearance, (Part 2), 5th Appearance, 6th Appearance, 7th Appearance, 8th Appearance

Jenn Dolari

Jacqueline Dupree

PJ Espinal

Nikki Exotika

Ian Ford

Leo Frappier

Crystal Frasier

Deedee Friedberg

Jon Garcia

Danah Gaz2nd Appearance

Megan Rose Gedris

Melanie Gillman

Julie Rei Goldstein

Steve Grant, 2nd Appearance (as Tight Fit)

Deven Green (aka Mrs. Betty Bowers)

Rafaella Gunz, earlier short intro

Mark Hagan (DJ Pooky)

Chris Hazelton

Alex Heberling, 2nd Appearance

Toni Helems

Jen Hickman

Ade Hill

Issa2nd Appearance

Mike Jolly

Tali Jones

Zinnia Jones, Part 2

Ari LaTourette

Little Liam (band), 2nd Apperance

Maddy Love

Whitney Lynn

Kurt Maloo

Julian Marsh, 2nd Appearance, 3rd Appearance

Steve McGuire

Ashley Messer

Deliah Melody

David Mitchell

Candace Mountain

D. Murphy

Dr. Lisa O'Connor

Jeremy Owen

Paule Pachter

Matt Page

Aaron Paul

Owen Paul, 2nd Appearance

Ken Peck

Pamela Raintree

Phillip Ramirez

Carrie Reimer

Emily Reisbeck

Mark Rogers

Sheena Rose2nd appearance

Adam Ross

King Schascha

Laura Sessions

Aneesh Sheth, encore

Kym Sims

Bionka Simone

David Todd Singleton

Christine Smith

Terra Snover, 2nd Appearance, 3rd Appearance

Barbara Sobel2nd appearance3rd appearance4th appearance

Robby Sobel

Mimi Soltysik

Deven Stewart


Doug Strahm

Bebe Sweetbriar2nd Appearance

Brynn Tannehill, part 2, 3rd Appearance

Taunt the Elephant

Scott Thompson

Tight Fit (musical group)

Melanie Tubbs, part 2

Jessica Udischas

The Vauxhall Boys

John Von Ahlen

Simon "Fucky Si" Walstencroft

Sarah Warbelow

Dan Wees, 2nd Appearance, part 1, 2nd Appearance, part 2

Stan Yan, 2nd appearance

Previously, some of these AWESOME PEOPLE also agreed to speak with me for the BLOG:

Christian Beranek

Jenn Dolari

Christine Smith

Terra Snover


Gwen Smith and Christine Smith:
Christian Beranek and Kelci Crawford:

Logan James and Julian Marsh:

Amrick Channa and the infamous Hot Dog:

Angela DiMarco, Aneesh Sheth and Jeremy Behrens

Aaron Paul and Stephen Daniello (actually, fuck these guys)

Jessica Udischas and Billie LaBelle

Lovari, Ian Ford and Aaron Paul (lol)

Jess, Rain, Carrie, Jesska, Allyson, Stephie, Zoe and Seb

Logan James and Doug Strahm:

Caroline Cossey and Janet Mock:

Ian Ford and Eric Alán:

Dan Angelo, The Doctor, Paul Nevin, Melissa Weekes, Ade Hill and John Randle

Ari LaTourette, Tali Jones and Danni Askini

Diane Bruessow and John Lewis

Diane Bruessow and George Takei

Issa and Stonebridge

Brynn Tannehill and Vice President Biden

Zinnia Jones (And, no, the WBC aren't awesome people. But this is still an awesome picture!)

The Doctor and Julian Marsh

Niceguy Eddie and Stonebridge

Niceguy Eddie and George Blaha

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  1. Really enjoy the Tues night program! Thanks for the thought provoking interviews :)