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Awesome Comics!

Since I've essentially shit-canned the old "Hall of Fame" I did want to at least put up a sampling of web-comics that I read. these are neither the best,nor most recent examples, just visuals to go with the links. I recommend checking out each and every one of them!

Assigned Male
by Sophie LaBelle
A very pointed and political comic about transgender issues as presented by Stephie, a little transgender girl, VERY wise beyond her years.

As the Crow Flies
by Melanie Gillman

Slice of life comic about feminism, gender identity, sexuality, racism and faith taking place in Christian Summer Camp.

Atomic Laundromat
by Armando Valenzuela

Ever wonder where Superheroes get their costumes cleaned?

Autumn Rose
by Deven Stewart, Joshua White and Amjie

A Manga-style story of two boys in a monastery who stories parallel the lives of two characters from  ancient legend. BOTH stories play out at essentially the same pace.

A Wish for Wings
by Jenn Dolari
A story about a girl who wanted to become and angel, got her wish, and then found out that heaven isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The Blue Valkyrie
by  Emily Riesbeck and David Mitchell

A story about a young, rookie, transgender superhero.

by K.Copeland and A.Stiffler

Funny slice-of-life comic as told from the point of view of  the [very out there] creators of Find Chaos.

by Jenn Dolari
Long running slice-of-life story about Carrie, a transwoman pursuing friendship, stability, a relationship and music career.

Find Chaos
by K.Copeland and A.Stiffler

Kind of a super-villain comic. Very dark. Very deep. Very well written.

by Rebecca Cohen

Very funny, satirical, feminist super-hero comic.

The Hues: Post Apocalyptic Magic Girls
by Alex Heberling

A color-coded all-girl superhero comic taking place in a post-apocalyptic part of the world after an alien invasion.  And very strong and diverse cast of lead characters. And you should totally check out Alex's other works!

Menage a 3
by Giselle and Dave Zero

A NSFW comic about sex, gay sex, three-ways, lesbians, boobs, sex, geek culture and sex. (It's basically Archie, with actual sex.)

by Chris Hazelton

The story of Ash, a buy turned into a girl, Melody, a girl who had two years of her life "erased"and Rumisiel, the Angel who's "misfile" caused the problem in the first place.

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls
by Jessica Udischas
Another very pointed and political comic about transgender issues.  Ironically I think the best way to describe it would be a quote borrowed from a hate site: "It's like 'Assigned male' only with scarier art."  I'm sure they meant that as an insult, but frankly I think it's some of the most apt praise that I could give it!

by Megan Rose Gedris

A slife-of-life comic about a dreamer with no plan to make her dreams come true.  A lot of next-level-shit going on behind the scenes, including aliens, demons and a mysterious curse that anyone born in her small hometown is destined to die there. By the creator of YU+ME:Dream

Mock Girl
by Terra Snover

A random comic about the Italian, Russian, and Japanese mobs, Psychotic ex-roommates, Psychotic current roommates, Psychotic Clowns, and utter randomness.  Oh... and while the main character is transgender, this is like the least important part of the story.

Modest Medusa
by Jake Richmond

A really cool, cute, usually funny and occasionally poignant and tragic web-comic about the author adopting a Medusa child that emerged from her world to our through his toilet.

The Oatmeal
by Matthew Inman

(Comic above chosen only because most of his comics a WAY TOO LONG for this kind of page!) Very intelligent, funny comic. Same vain as SMBC and XKVD, only with less frequent, but more involved, updates.

by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne

Very funny and extremely NSFW comic, deconstructing the fantasy genre with lots of boobs, dicks and freaky sex.

by Martiza Campos and Bachan

A super-hero comic taking place in world where humanity no longer sleeps, and those who do bring forth monsters.  "In a man's struggle against the world... bet on the world!"

The Princess
by Christine Smith

A story about a little transgender girl, the hurdles she faces and her small day-to-day victories.

by Jocelyn Samara
A long-running series about Rain, a transgender high-school girl and he experiences with her family and friends (who span almost the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum.) Well well written with a LOT of well developed characters!

Sandra on the Rocks
by Dave Lumsdon and Eisu Mokhtar

A NSFW spin off of Menage a 3 with more drinking, and more lesbians.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
by Zach Weiner

The second smartest web comic in existence. VERY philosophical in nature.

Sticky Dilly Buns
by Dhaling

An even gayer (if that were possible)  NSFW spin off of Menage a 3. The character of Ruby might just be the best thing ever though!

Strong Female Protagonist
by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

An incredible deconstruction of the Superhero genre, with a strong focus on challenging the issues of ethics, social justice, discrimination, power, and crime and punishment.  VERY intellectually stimulating.

Transgirl Next Door
by Kylie Wu
 A slice of life comic as told by the authors first hand experiences as a young transgender woman.

by Christian Beranek and Kelci Crawford

A slice of life comic about the experiences of a transgender blogger, gamer-girl and comic book geek Ally as she navigates life, career, politics, geek culture and day-to-day life.  And while I'm not sure what's being updated these days, you should totally check out some the artist's other comics, as well as the writer's!

by D. Murphy and Emily Baines

A very pointed, political and humorous pro-choice webcomic that takes place in an abortion clinic.

by Randall Munroe

The single, smartest web-comic in existence. Seriously, you won't even get some of these.  VERY science and math oriented.

by Josh L.

A very NSFW comic about a complete horn-dog and the Succubus that latches on to her.

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