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'Niceguy' Eddie

Political Talk Show Host and Internet Radio Personality. My show, In My Humble Opinion, aired on RainbowRadio from 2015-2017.

Feel free to contact me at niceguy9418@usa.com. You can also friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and Tumblr, and support my Patreon. Also, if you don't mind the stench, you can find my unofficial "fan club" over HERE. ;)


My Positions

I am pro-science, pro-logic, pro-reason.

I am agnostic. I'm OK, with the label "atheist," but agnostic suits me better. (Just as I am OK with the label, "Liberal," though "Progressive" suits me better.)

I believe in the absolute separation of church and state, for the protection of BOTH.

I am pro-choice. (In ALL things, not just abortion.)

I am a feminist.  (In truth I am a HUMANIST, and believe ALL PEOPLE to be of equal worth and dignity.)

Though not a part of it myself, I fully support the LGBTQIA*+ community on ALL issues. I try to be as strong and as positive a CisHet Ally as I can be!

I support free speech and expression, including hate speech, and flag-desecration.

I support the death penalty in principle, but have HUGE problems with it in practice.

I am generally against war: I have ALWAYS opposed the 2nd Iraq War, for example, but did not oppose the invasion of Afghanistan at the time, and under those circumstances.

I support reforming our immigration system to make it trivially easy (and inexpensive) for someone to immigrate legally to our country and live her indefinitely and to have an EASY path to citizenship for all who seek one.

I support backgrounds checks to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, and those deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, by a judge, due to mental illness. I am NOT for mass confiscation of guns, nor do have any beef with gun ownership, though I personally despise guns. (I am more of a sword kind of guy.)

I support affirmative action in as much as I do not accept "colorblindness" as an actual thing. In fact, it is nothing more than ignoring or denying that racism exists. It helps NO ONE.

I believe that our Police force has become far too militarized, far to aggressive, kills far too many people, and is blatantly not aware that Black people are in fact both HUMAN and AMERICAN.

I'm a economic Keynesian: I believe that we should tax less at the bottom and more at the top. That we should raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation. I recognize that welfare is not only necessary, but actually help the economy.

Free trade is only good between countries of approximately equal standards of living.

I believe in Unions an the Rights of ALL workers to organize.

I AM a Capitalist, but cannot abide the Lesse-Faire system that has developed in this country, nor the trend of mass-privatization.  Far more regulation and correction is needed - enough that most Capitalists would brand me a Socialist... though I fall well short of truly being one.

The private, profit-driven model has NO PLACE in: Education, Health Care, Justice (including incarceration), the Military or Religion.

I am a political pragmatist and will not only vote for an imperfect candidate in order to the get the better overall result, but I think that people who don't do this are MORONS.

Global Warming is real, and we're causing it. Get over it.

Evolution is how it happened. Get over it.

The Bible says a lot of stupid shit that no one (including most bible-literalists) believe any more. Get over it.

Vaccines don't cause autism, or any other problems that the anti-vaxxers claim.  they're actually really safe, well well monitored and have in the past been pulled from the market for FAR LESS than what the anti-vaxxers are alleging is happening.


I believe in the equal rights, freedom and liberty for all people, and that...

above all...


If there is anything I have not covered, please send me an email to niceguy9418@usa.com with your question and I will post a distinct, one-line answer.

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