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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fun: Conservative Problem Solving

Yeah, it's an old joke, but it's a classic. Here's my crack at it:

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Now... TELL me this isn't apt! LOL

Fun stuff from yesterday, spilling over into today over on MMFA.

I swear... some these cons, even when they don't really disagree with you, they can't just say, "Sadly, I agree." The see a liberal and they HAVE TO argue, even if they end up arguing 99% the same point!

If a Conservtaive wants to bash Jimmy Carter? Yeah: I'll admit that, sadly, he was a very lousy President.  Not the worst - states didn't start to secede from the union (Buchanan) and the entire world wasn't plunged into a ten-year long economic recession the likes of which we'd never seen before (Hoover.) But yeah, pretty bad.

But, if challenged to come up with one single thing he did right?  That's easy.  A lasting peace accord between Israel and Egypt.  He's pretty much the only president since the formation of Israel to make ANY progress towards peace in the middle east.  And unlike some of the other treaties over the years, this one has LASTED; 30+ years now, and counting.  How much easier was/is the Gulf War in '91 or the Iraq War in '03 or the War in Afganistan or the greater War on Terror[ism] knowing that at least one of the major players in the region will abinde by their treaty and (essentially) remain on our side, or at worst neutral?  That's a pretty substantial success, no matter HOW you look at it, or WHAT party you roll with.

So I find it amusing that [Name deleted, but it's pretty obvious if you look at the link!] couldn't come up with ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE of something George W. Bush did right, after dismissing my opinon of Bush as a "100%, complete and utter failure" as merely being left-wing bias and liberal nonsense.

Now... he did admit that Bush was BAD, but he kept accusing me of being the partisan one, the black-and-white thinker, even though all I needed was ONE EXAMPLE and I would have admited that I was exagerating.

But I maintain that it is NO exageration to judge George W. Bush a complete and utter, 100% FAILURE, and somewhere between the 3rd and 5th worst presidents of all time.  He's not Hoover or Buchanan, but he's no better than Pierce or Harding either.

Basically? Everything he touched turned into a big steaming pile of shit.

We weren't just "worse off than we were eight years ago..."  EVERYTHING is worse than it was eight (now nine) years ago!  EVERY SINGLE ISSUE!  EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR SOCIETY (that he had an influence on) IS WORSE THAN IT WAS BEFORE HE GOT THERE!  He did not make any progress on a SINGLE PROBLEM facing tis country.  (Even the one problem he had made some progress on: The "problem" that rich people didn't have enough money? Six years of "progress" was wiped out AND THEN SOME in the last two!  The man couldn't even make the rich richer, even as he made the poor poorer!  How fucked up is THAT?!)

And RightOn (whoops!) at least had the guts to TRY and prove me wrong, even though he made about a dozen posts and still failed by a wide margin. (He sure used a lot of words for guy who wasn't really even trying!)  My challenge was open to ANY CONSERVATIVES.  And NOT ONE OF THEM even attempted to defend a SINGLE THING about Bush!

Egypt/Isreal might very well be the only thing Carter did right in four years, but it's at least ONE THING.  Seriously: What did Bush'43 do that didn't screw everything up


  1. Eddie I was over at MMFA reading your challenge to right -on to name at least one thing Bush did right. amazing, after all the goobledegoop he could not name ont thing. Now thats pathetic.

  2. Thanks. I just can't understand what goes on in these people's heads.

    I've got to say it again: I may disagree with WHAT the think, and that's fine, that will happen, but the REAL problem is HOW they think!