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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lesbo Monkeys!

Over the holiday, we took the kids to the zoo in Naples Florida. Not a GREAT Zoo, but they do have some interesting exhibits and they let you get pretty close to the animals with some of their enclosures. (I was within a foot of the leopard, separated by just a few inches of Plexiglas. That was pretty cool.) They also have a boat tour where they visit all of the little islands on this man-made lake where they keep their monkey’s, lemurs and other lesser apes. On the first island, there were only two, a male and a female, and the tour guide told us that they were so territorial that they wouldn’t welcome any other monkey’s on their island. On the next island were two females of the same species. The tour guide described them as, “the best of friends” and that “they had been together for 13 years, and were ‘peer-bonded.’” He went on to describe that they were also very territorial and would also not welcome any new monkeys on their island, including any males.

At that point I leaned over to my wife and said “Peer-bonded. That’s the politically correct term for ‘lesbo monkeys!’”

Now… OK, I don’t know if this "peer-bonded" same-sex couple was sexually active, but it sure blows to hell the idea that same-sex couples never occur in nature. (Or who knows... maybe they were corrupted by watching Olbermann of something.)


  1. Okay, so I want to know what your wife said/did when you said that to her. And then I want to know what you said to your kids when they saw you snickering after you said it to your wife!

    Good line!

  2. My wife laughed - we share the same sick sense of humor - and my kids were too busy watching the monkeys to hear me. (They're too young, not to mention autistic, to understand what that would have meant anyway.) ;)