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Thursday, April 8, 2010

In defense of pedophilia... (How's THAT for a lead?)

I know, I know: ENERGY! Dude, WTF? I’ll get to energy next. I promise. I just could not let THIS pass...

Last week, Bill Donohue – that great defender of Catholicism that the Vatican goes out of their way to disassociate themselves with – comes out and blames the preponderance of pedophile priests on “liberals” who let “gays” in to the church.

That’s the ROMAN CATHOLIC church, now. That great bastion of liberalism that doesn’t allow women to lead mass, that doesn’t allow even contraception, let alone abortion, that doesn’t marry gays, that says they will all go to hell… THAT Roman Catholic Church. The very idea that these guys, as an organization, are liberal AT ALL is laughable on its face to anyone not already brainwashed by the ultra-loony 1930’s era Tent-Revivalism, or Evangelical Funny-Mentalism as I call it, that's infected so much of America over the past 30 years.

Second, it is patently absurd to call a male pedophile “gay” simply because he molests boys. Would this then be a heterosexual issue if he molested girls? Because many did you know! As I understand it, there’s about an 80-20 split. So if there are thousands of male victims, that leaves hundreds of female ones! Pedophilia is pedophilia and homosexuality is homosexuality. Is is no more than religiously motivated superstition and/or politically motivated bigotry to even attempt to link them. A homosexual man is no more likely to like boys than a heterosexual man and a pedophile is no more likely to be homosexual than the general population is. Period. That’s a FACT and you can look it up in any work NOT written by a right-wing bigot under the guise of religious conservatism.

Bill? The problem is neither gays, nor liberals. It's the CURCH and the CLERGY and (now, so it appears) the POPE. It’s their problem, pure and simple. It’s been going on since blacks and white still couldn’t marry and same-sex marriage wasn’t even on anyone’s wildest possible political radar. They had their chance to do the right thing, and instead they did the Right thing. And if you’re still covering for them, then you’re as guilty as they are!


Which brings me to THIS PIECE by Rush Limbaugh, who thinks that the Left is trying to take down the church, as they want to tear down “all institutions that aren’t for big government.” First of all? The church doesn’t give a shit about the size of the government. Why should they? They don’t pay taxes! They lean Republican for two reason: Gays and Abortion. Or really one reason: The Republicans shamelessly pander to them, despite the Constitution’s prohibition of them doing so.

It does make me wonder though, why Rush is picking THIS ISSUE to politicize. I mean… am I going MAD, or is he literally DEFENDING pedophiles here?! Can anyone think of a LESS sympathetic group of people to give the benefit of the doubt to, to sympathize with, and defend against that cruel “left-wing media” than fucking PEDOPHILES?! Pedophiles, BTW, who won’t marry you if you cohabitate – learned THAT the hard way – and who will condemn you if you have sex outside of marriage! Maybe he ADMIRES their hypocrisy? I mean like attracts like. (Not that I’m suggesting that the thrice-divorced guy who brought illegal Viagra on a trip to a Dominican Boys tour is a Pedophile or anything…) But these guys have to be down in “Muslims on 9/12/2001” territory!

So let me use this idiot’s “logic” and turn it around. He thinks the left just wants to tear down the church. (“Any institution that not for big government.”) Personally? I’ve always believed that the Church needed be at least taken down at least a peg or two, and that’s from LONG before this story started to break, all those years ago. But I think that what’s more clear here is this:

There is no amount of EXCESS that the Right won’t TOLERATE or EXCUSE, so long as it’s committed by a Religious person or institution or by a Corporation. As long as it’s in the name of God or Profit, no sin, including PEDO-FUCKING-PHILIA is too great for the Right to forgive...

...So just don’t try to hold the Church or Corporate America ACCOUNTABLE for their sins. That’s leftist! That’s Liberal! That’s EVIL apparently.

You know what? By now it should be clear that I’m hardly a religious man, but every Priest who molested a child or otherwise broke their “holy” vow should go to hell. Every Bishop and every Pope that covered for them should go to hell. And I’m sure there a special fire in hell, being stoked by Satan himself with his DICK, for the likes of Bill Donohue and Rush Limbaugh.

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