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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have you heard of Koch Industries?

Was surprised to see the following referenced in the past couple days on both of my two favorite websites: Skepdic AND MMFA (twice, atcually).

Greenpeace article on Koch Industries, secretly fundging the Climatre Deniers


MORE on Koch Indutsries, secretly funding the Climate Deniers

"The biggest company ytou never heard of," huh?  Well... You SURE aren't going to learn about them on Fox News or even the Fox Business Channel, I can guarentee you that!

Now... I've said before that I'm no fan of Greenpeace, but they are truly doing some great work here.  Let's see if that "mainstream liberal media" picks this up.

(I'm not holding my breath.  The mainstream liberal media picking this up is about as likely as a Goblin doing so, and for the same reason.)

EDIT NOTE: I promise that my mis-spelling of "Koch" with a 2nd "k" in the first link was an error and not some lame attempt on my part to try and be clever.  I'm a lot better than that! ;)


  1. The Koch brothers are major funders of all sorts of right-wing endeavors. Think-tanks, front groups, astroturfers, even the Libertarian party. They're one of the major funders of the teabaggers. Their politics are reactionary. They're Big Oil, so it's no surprise they'd be funding climate change deniers.

  2. Scary stuff. Glenn Beck should really try to get the bottom of THIS mysterious, shadowy conspiracy, huh?

    Oh yeah, like MMFA so deftly pointed out: Only the LEFT has "Special Interests."

    Thanks for commenting.