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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fun: Google Tag Poetry

Google Tag Poetry

Glen Beck is a psychotic hack
Sponsors want their money back
Sean Hannity is a stupid fool
About as welcome as “P” in pool
Rush Limbaugh tells naught but lies
With his "degree" he should be serving fries
Mike Savage spews naught but hatred
His father should have been castrated
Ann Coulter is a stupid bitch
The sight of her makes me itch
Sarah Palin is a sellout
Of her lack of soul I have no doubt
Joe Scarborough… at least he tries
To sort out truth from Right Wing Lies
And all them still outrank Tucker
That bow-tie wearin’ mother…

LOL.  OK... The point of this REALLY BAD poem is to see whether Google’s tag-bots just look for NAMES and WORDS or if they do anything at all to consider context. Because every time I mention one of these fools in a post, the next thing I see is an ad for their book, blog, show, etc… appearing right below the post.

Not that I mind!  Those ads seem to PAY a lot better, and lest you think I’m selling out, remember: The more you click on them, the more of their money goes to me to write blog entries calling out their insanity! Google doesn’t want me to tell you to click the shit out of those ads, but (because) doing so gives their money to me, and won’t sell a single god-damned book of theirs. LOL. Again – I’m saying all this out of perverse curiosity about whether the Google-bots ever consider CONTEXT. (That and little bit of online civil disobedience!)

(So click away, just try not to get me banned!)

And speaking of BANNED… I’m going to try to go and get myself banned from FoxNation. I don't regularly post on any RW sites at the moment, but I think every good liberal should get banned from as many conservative comment boards – for doing no more than posting an alternative viewpoint - as they can. So I’m thinking about starting and keeping a list of mine. I’m going to start off with FoxNation, but if anyone knows of any boards that are particularly easy to get banned from (just for disagreeing) please let me know.

And just a little more, to test the Google-bots…

Karl Rove, George Bush, Michelle Bachman, Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Alies, Clear Channel, Newt Gingrich, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Boehner, Bill Kristol, Dick Morris are all assholes.

OK… let’s see if this will get me some good-paying ads from any of these fools! LOL


  1. Niceguy;

    You question “whether the Google-bots ever consider CONTEXT.” IMHO, no. Google has some programmers with mad skilz but none of their programs would pass the Turing test.

    For that matter, we have both seen posters at MMfA who couldn't pass the Turing test –
    demonstrating intelligence WRT context.

    And, seriously – I wasn't committing click-fraud – my connection is slow and I just kept hitting the button because the screen didn't refresh! (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

    (Almost) always enjoy your blog,


  2. I just clicked on Ann Coulter. I must take a shower now.