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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun: Dumbest Article EVER

Saw this yesterday on MSN.com.  It was originally from the NYT.  It's completely non-political, and I'd like to nomintatie for the DUMBEST ARTICLE I'VE EVER READ.

I don't think I could say it here any better than the comment I left on the site, so to save you the trouble of finding it, here it is:

I'm sorry, but as much as I hate New York, hate the Yankees and hate Yankee fans, this is just stupid. It's NEW YORK for cripes sake! What do you expect them to be wearing? Mariners Caps? Padres Jerseys?

What you have discovered is that some sub-section of the population of New York dresses a lot like the REST OF THE POPUPLATION OF NEW YORK. OMFG - Yankee fans? In NEW YORK?! Stop the freakin' presses!

Nonsense stories like this is exemplary of everything that's wrong with the news media today.

(Go Red Sox!)
In other news...

Is it just me, or does Christine O’Donnell look like Sarah Palin’s slightly uglier kid-sister?  Sort of like the Ashlee Simpson of the Tea Party movement?

I'm not trying to pass that off as serious political analysis or anything. It's just that it's pretty hard to take someone seriously who's against Abortion, Contraception AND Masturbation.  Seems to me that a person who's being ebven slightly reasonable couldn't possibly be opposed to more than two of them.


  1. Hey! I actually thought Ashlee Simpson looked good (even prior to the nose job)! Maybe a better comparison would be Skipper to Palin's Barbie...

  2. LOL. I love it!

    And I didn't really mean to pick on Ashlee Simpson either. And I was kind of channelling 'pig' for a minute there either way, so SHAME ON ME.

    And actually there IS a specific reason I didn't use the Barbie Doll metaphor, but I'm going to save that for it's own post the next time I need some legit, feminist cred.

    (And I'll probably need some after THIS post!)

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I thought the Simpson sister comment was good!

    The initial pop culture metaphor that came into my mind was Dennis and Randy Quaid...

    The hard part was determining which one would be Sarah (I was leaning towards Randy)...

  4. ROTFLMAO. Randy Quaid... That's just to harsh, even for me. XD

    Thanks for your comment.