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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back, finally!

I’m back!

Sorry, I was out of town all last week and didn’t find a whole lot of time for posting, and I've been so busy as a result, this week has flown by as well!
I was down in Arizona, visiting out plant in Mexico. We’d heard a lot of rumors about how difficult it was going to be to cross the border (and cross back) but we didn’t have any trouble at all. We did see a checkpoint in AZ that in the past was either closed or just waved people through that was really back up (thank you Jan Brewer) but by the time we finally hit it (heading back north) we were just waved through.

Guard: What country y’all from?

Us: This one!

Guard: OK, have a nice day.
No need to check the passports or ID’s of anyone who doesn’t look illegal, I guess. (Not that I’m suggesting that they racially profile or anything!)

Since we had been to Mexico (and needed our passport anyway) we would have been prepared later that evening when we got pulled over for speeding. (You know, if the cops were still required to check for citizenship.) But there was no need (no thanks to Jan Brewer) and we were let off with a warning. (Good thing we didn’t look illegal, huh? Not that I’m suggesting that they racially profile or anything!)

Anyway, enough of that.

Although a few of these are out of date at this points, there are a few things I came accross over the past two weeks that I wanted to share with y’all...

Glenn Beck’s big rally cam and went without the Rapture occurring or the Second Coming or even free Ice Cream fro the kids. Considering how much hey pumped it up over the past few months, I’d imagine that the bulk of the crowd ended up thinking, “THAT was what I came to D.C.? Oh well, at least the weather was nice.” (But maybe not, I mean if you’re impressed by Glenn Beck, you can’t be that hard to impress!) Daily Kos had a interest first hand account of the event, from a liberal Black man who attended out of curiosity. Very enlightening read.  Worth checking out.

Robert Kuttner had a savage response to the rumblings of the Cat-food commission regarding social security. It’s amazing how easy these problems would be to sovle, and how far even the “liberal” (notice the “quotes”?) politicians are willing to go to screw over the lower 99% of the country to satisfy the top 1%. We’re NOT a "conservative country” but we sure as hell are RULED by them, aren’t we? What the hell would it take to get congress to just ACT IN THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE? Why is that SO HARD? What would it take? Breaking out the tar and feathers? Shooting some of them? Seriously! But then it’s no surprise that even our “liberal” (notice the “quotes”?) politicans are so god dmaned useless, because we have such a stupid and uneducated electorate that doesn’t hold them accountable! And since the “liberal” (notice the “quotes”?) media is no better, it’s not surprising at all that we have such a stupid and uneducated populace! In fact, it’s depressingly predicatble.

And what the fuck is up with THESE PEOPLE?! Book-burning? Really? One of the most visible and recognizable hallmarks of the Nazi’s, and every other vile Dictatorship and suppression of human rights and free expression and free religious practice that America ever stood against? That’s what we’ve been reduced to? What UnAmerican SCUM. I hope their church burns down with their children asleep in the nursery

(No.  I'm not apologizing for that last bit.  Fuck 'em.)

Coming up in the next few days…

- A continuation of Steeve’s and my conversation about the origin of Christianity.

- A Republican Propaganda Video that shows just how gullible Republican’s are.

- And I’ve read and replied to all of the comments that you’ve all left over the past couple weeks, just so you know that I DO read them and very much appreciate them!


  1. Yeah, I can't understand how someone actually TASKED with exploring the deficit/debt problems can misunderstand the minimal problems with Social Security funding. I don't support a "no cap" on Social Security payroll taxes, since there's a fairly "low" cap on benefits, but I sure will support an increase in the cap up to about $150-200,000. I also don't support any rise in the qualification age. I think that we might need to temporarily raise the contribution percentage for a few years, until we can again get the baby boomer bump covered.

    Welcome back.

  2. DellDoly,

    The thing about Social Security is that it would be easy, trivial, in fact, to "save" if the pol's had any actual desire to save it. But the super rich (who own the media) would probably do marginally better with the tax break and the resulting return on their marginal invesments, so the fact that 98% of America actrually NEEDS it is immaterial to them. And they have their propaganda networks costantly sell us the story that it's broke, it's doomed and it's bankrupting the country and we can't afford it. All of which is lies, but if they can manage to make it utterly worthless through legislation like what's being proposed, then maybe they'll finally get enough americans to go along with getting rid of it. Of course, all those americans will be absolutely SCREWED, but hey: Screwing over Aerican has been getting Republicans elected for YEARS. So why should we expect them to stop now?

    Thanks for your comment, it's good to be back. :)