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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another One bites the dust...

One thing you can say definitely say about them: When the Republicans are in power, the stories about "family values" hypocrites seem to grow in both frequency and creepiness.  I'm not sure if Chris Lee (R-NY) was resigning over his solicitation of sex on Craig's List or just the fact that he appeared in this one photograph:

All I can say is, "Thank God he kept it classy."


  1. How great do the urges have to be to get men in positions of power to do such ridiculous things? Who does not know, in this day and age, how easily and quickly you will be caught? I find the stupidity more offensive then the lame attempt at adultery.

  2. Well... I got to say, I couldn't care less about the adultery. LOL. The STUPIDITY? Yeah - that's a big deal. Surpassed perhaps only by the hypocrisy. (And in actuality, probably not. Hypocrisy just happens to bug me more that stupidity, even at this level.) But yeah, the VICE never really bothers me. The hypocrisy and stupidity, OTOH? Offend me on a near-spiritual level.

    Still... one more "family values" guy from the "party of personal responsibility" without a lick of moral or ethical judgement, an once of common sense, or a scrap of decency who's exposed and disgraced?


    He won't be the last. It will be an interesting two years.