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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Budget Priorites

So in the ongoing farce to avoid the inevitable necessity of raising taxes, the Republicans in the House first decided that tax cuts were more important than helping to provide poor people with basic health carer services.  This also serves as an example of what they intend to replace last year's health care law with, once they "repeal" it: No health care, for many people.

Wait.. wasn't that the problem BEFORE?  Sure was.  But that's hardly suprising... The First Rule of Conservative Problem Solving?  Deny there's a problem.  Second rule? Villify anyone who tries to solve the problem.  (Hence the vote to defund a 90-year old organization who provides Cancer Screening, HIV Screening, Contaception, Pre-Natal Care and basic well-women checkups to the poor.)

Remember folks: Helping other people IS NOT a "family value."

(And if Obama has any balls, spine, principles or values himself, he'll veto this abortion of a budget.) (Yeah: And the ghost of Franklin Roosevelt will fly out my butt!)

Cockmuncher Boehner: 1, American People: 0


  1. I flipped into C-SPAN the other night, at about 4 a.m., and the House was still in session. The "Dracula congress," from the last time Republicans held control of congress, has returned. I didn't even stop long enough to learn what was on the table, but I knew they were up to something they didn't want done in the daylight.

    Obama has already put in his "opening bid" in the budget fight, and, as usual, he isn't going to "fight" at all, and is giving up everything right up front in an effort to get along. Lots of draconian and totally unnecessary cuts. Republicans insist on tax-cuts for the wealthy, then try to use the shortfall to justify chopping up programs that help everyone else.

    This is the same thing happening in Wisconsin now. Their GOP governor and new legislative majority passed a string of ruinous policies, including big tax-cuts for the rich and for big business, then screamed "budget crisis," and are trying to take it out on the poor and middle-class.

    It's blatant class warfare. Not the imaginary class warfare decried by Republicans, but the real thing--the rich against everyone else.

    Don't like it? The newest Republican meme in circulation is that "elections have consequences," and that Democrats in Wisconsin, in refusing to bend to Republicans, are anti-democracy. These are--how to put it?--most curious notions coming from Republicans. Steve M. over at "No More Mr. Nice Blog" almost nails this one:

    He fails to finish driving in some pretty critical nails, though, in that he fails to mention the Republican obstructionism that greeted that 2006 Democratic congressional wins, and, in particular, the 2008 Democratic landslide. Every major Democratic legislative initiative was stopped cold or destroyed, and democracy didn't matter at all. Elections have consequences, unless Republicans don't like those consequences.

    Harry Reid made an uncharacteristically funny remark about what just passed the House. He said (paraphrasing) that if they've now gotten that nonsense out of their system, it's time to get to work on the budget.

    (My prediction on the USA PATRIOT Act extensions proved correct within days--they're already on Obama's desk, and he may have already signed them.)

  2. Not to mention, Planned Parenthood (that 90-yr-old organization) actually saves $3 for every $1 spent. But because 2% of their services are abortion, they're dead to the GOP. Hell, for a good portion of Republicans, the contraception angle alone is enough to vilify PP. So this is a short term "savings" that cost a lot more down the road.

  3. @Classic - If it weren't for the potential of a "Vice-President Palin," there are some days that make me think that we'd be no worse off with a Presidetn McCain. And... we WOULD be, I still believe, but at least the austerity measures that he was harping about back in 2008, had they been implimented, would have been blamed for the ongoing unemployment, and thus we would be facing the relatively shitty FUTURE that most of us now are, due the rise of these absurd TEA Party, and there voracious appetite for spending cuts (economy be damned) and tax cuts (deficit be damned.)

    @Sammy - I know. You've got to love a "Pro-Life" platform that denies HIV and Cancer-Screening to 10 people for every abortion it prevents. And all because, at the end of the day, America will ALWAYS vote to keep abortion legal, even as most maintain an unfavorable opinon of the procedure itself.

    Elections have consequences indeed.

    Thank you both for your comments.