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Saturday, July 2, 2011

And NOW I'm a Conservative...

Leave it to Cracked to turn even me against Scientific and technological progress!


Read and be warned. 

Luddites unite!


  1. There's always a pre-conceived notion that Artificial Intelligence will turn out like Terminator or the Matrix.

    I can only assume that AI will one day be fed a gigantic amount of data of recorded human history. Do we think it will see that history was more prosperous, from a purely logical standpoint, when death and destruction and war occurs, or when people come together and work towards common goals?

  2. That's a very interesting point. And who knows?

    In another cracked article (http://www.cracked.com/article_19273_6-shocking-ways-robots-are-already-becoming-human.html) they wrote about an experiment that showed that robots were capable of empathy and altruism. (Better at it than most humans, in fact!) So it's possible that they would reach the "right" conclusion, given the data you're suggesting.

    BUT... since I'm not normally given to rampant optimism, let me point out that:

    1) So many HUMANS (Bush/Cheney, for example!) seem to reach the wrong conclusion. So I'm not hopeful. (Who programmed them, after all?) ;)

    2) It really depends on how you DEFINE "prosperous"; How you define "progress" or "success."

    And it's very possible that our future robot overlords will have different ideas about that that we do today. LOL