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Monday, February 6, 2012

One I missed...

I meant to post this earlier, but another one of my Hall of Famers, Sports-Reference.com, the parent site of Baseball-Reference.com, has taken a stand against SOPA/ PIPA.

Remember folks: Small Governmant.  That's what they stand for.  That and internet censorship on a level that would make the Red Chinese blush, apparently. (And, yes, every Democrat supporting that monstrosity are equally included in that criticism. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!)


  1. You know, Eddie, your fear of SOPA/PIPA and it's ability to shut down so many internet sites is similar to the fear conservatives had about Obama's health care plan having the ability to form "death panels". It just would NOT happen. Even if the law allows it (both cases) it just would NOT happen. So, my take from all this bunk about SOPA is that while liberals will whine that death panels are not possible in a health care plan, shutting down internet sites is possible in a copyright law. I'm thinking there's a healthy dose of hypocrisy in there somewhere (from both sides).

    I think the "SHAME ON ALL OF YOU" should go to those who are fear-mongering the impossibility of shutting down web sites. Just like you would say it should go on those who fear-monger the health care plan's ability to form death-panels.

  2. I would like to add argle-bargle death panels argle bargel strawman agrument of about shutting down websites argle bargle bargle boo.

  3. Oooo, I guess that whine of mine hit too close to home? LOL

  4. wm - "It just would NOT happen. Even if the law allows it (both cases) it just would NOT happen."
    But it already has...

    In addition bigger file-sharing websites, a few hip-hop websites have become targets, including popular audio/video blog OnSmash.com and online hip-hop community RapGodFathers.com.

    At press time, when visiting both websites, you are greeted with an image that reads: "This domain name has been seized by ICE - Homeland

    http://www.ballerstatus.com/2010/11/26/congress-Security Investigations."

  5. Death panels were created in the Obama Care program also. Brain surgeons are restricted on who they can care for under that plan. Barney Frank voted to have them removed from the plan. And, Palin's fear proves to be true.

    Like I said, there's plenty of hypocrisy in this to spread around everywhere! Which part do you participate in? The denial of death panels or the denial of web-site censorship?




  6. @William: Extravagant claims, and for sources, you offer an anonymous caller on the (crypto-fascist) Mark Levin show, a publication of the flatly fascist John Birch Society, and a discredited right-wing "journalist":

    The quality of the media you consume and mindlessly parrot.

    Boyle's idiotic article caused a sensation in the right-wing blogosphere back in Nov. and Dec. The one thing he neglected to do is the first thing any actual journalist would do, but what he couldn't do with regard to the article he was writing; quote the subject of his article. Boyle's characterization of the IPAB is wholly his own, and has nothing to do with anything Frank has said.

    The made-up "death panels" charge has always been a free-floating accusation made by the right. They fabricated the accusation first, then have tried to pin it on several different parts of the (Republican) Obamacare program. The McCaughey "death panel" accusation was exposed as fraudulent, so the righties went for the Palin version, which was also exposed as a fraud; as before, they simply found something else to try to pin it on.

  7. Wow, classicliberal shows up again.

    What you're saying is that the 'death panels' is totally and completely an impossibility from the Obama Care programs, while 'shutting down' internet sites is completely a reality from SOPA? Wow!! Really? Now THAT was not expected coming from a staunch misinformed liberal, like you. If all you're going to read is the misinformation and lies brought by Mediamatters, no wonder you have this attitude that it could actually happen.

    Your "made up" shutting down internet sites possibility is still a "free-floating accusation" that will never occur and is an impossibility through SOPA/PIPA. I've even asked Eddie for the evidence in the bill that would allow such a thing and he still hasn't responded with any kind of wording from that bill to support his and/or your claims that internet sites will be shut down because of copyright infringement.

    However, your use of Mediamatters site to show proper use of viable web-sites for linkage is super hilarious. You are one tweaked poster-boy for liberal methods and ability to whine about issues without actually bringing proof of your misinformation. Where's your proof that Olsen got hit in the head with a tear gas canister? You seem to have ignored the many requests for that proof in the actual article where that is being discussed. But, I don't blame you for ignoring something you can't prove, yet claim it is fact. You ARE a proud member of Mediamatters, after all. I see that's the same methodology you use at that site too.

    Hey, 'Anonymous', when did SOPA/PIPA become law where the example you give is caused BY either? How did a site get shut down if the law hasn't even been enacted yet? Perhaps the misinformation that you're bringing is somehow reality in your world?

  8. Lie of the year, William. Lie. Of. The. Year.

    And, YES, "death panels" IS completely absurd - as absurd as what you consider credible sources of information.

    What's more you're charectarization of MMFA shows that you've either never BEEN there, or you're completely divorced form reality, or you wouldn't know proper research if it drove to school on the short bus.Show me a singkle example of MMFA not citing thing properly or providing enough information for their readers to sort out the context. Show me ONE. Put the link in the comments section. ONE. Or STFU about it. Try proving them WRONG for a change, rather than being satisfied to in proving them Liberal.

    And how is it "fearmongering," exactly? That's what the bills will allow a court to do! DUH! That's there entire purpose! How can you seriously suggest "it wouldn't happen, even if the law allowed it?" That's idiotic! You evenr heard of Napster? I would thought it could "never happen" that an 11-year old girl would be sued for millions (and LOSE!) becuase she sownloaded some songs. But it happened! You think it would that hard for court to shut down a for-profit website like Google or YouTube? Dude: It's called an INJUNCTION. If authorized by law? It would be an almost trivial excersize.

    You're blind faith in Government - at least when Republicans are in power, and when Consevrtaive tell you something is "good" absolutely astounds me. This sheep-like optimism about "your teams's" inherent goodness and benevolence is exactly why they keep getting elected, exactly why this country's prosperity keeps eroding, and exactly why 98% of us keep gettign screwed. I hope the 1% are paying you well, but somehow I doubt it.

    At least it proves that their propaganda is effective.

  9. And BTW: Do your own research, Will. This site is no more than what it says at the top: My Humble Opinion.

    Text of the bill can be found here:


    Like most laws, it sounds fine and good, but the devil in is the enforcement. This law would allow copyright holders (i.e.: The SIX HUGE MEDIA CONGLOMERATES) to bury their competition (i.e.: Small startups, user-generated content sites) under mountains of litigation. And right or wrong, these content providers would be forced to defend themselves in court against any and all claims. Who do you thinks going to be bled dry first, Will? And if you think that's paranoia? IT HAPPENES ALL THE TIME. (Pretty much why it's next to impossible to sue a huge corpration: You'll run out of money LONG before they will!)

    And while the DNS provision was removed (if you'd done any research, you'd recognize that as one of the more controverisal bits) this would have required serch engines to stop linking to your site - effectively cutting off your traffic (and thus INCOME) right when you NEED IT (becuase you're being sued). (And, uh... you know: That's also pretty much the definiton of cencroship?) That's out. But the law remains misguided.

    This is not about "stopping piracy" it's about PROTECTING PROFITS and PROTECTING THE POWER OF THEIR MONOPOLY. And it punnishes all of the wrong people. Articles criticising it are in huge abundance. (Try googling some!) I wonder why you think your blind optimism in the inherent goodness of the Republican Party and in Huge Corproations should trump the concerns of legal and technical experts who've studied these things.

    Why is it that you lot are always in favor of Tort reform, when it makes it HARDER for a individual to sue, but LOVE making it EASIER for Corporations to sue?

  10. Eddie, your liberal fear of what "MAY" happen with the SOPA law is no different than the right-wing fear of what "MAY" happen with Obama's health care plan.

    If the 'death panels' were so impossible, why would there be a vote to have the wording removed from the text of his medical plan? So, do all the fearmongering you want concerning SOPA, everyone else (even-minded people) knows that what YOU FEAR is impossible to actually occur.

    BTW, articles criticizing the death panels were plentiful also. Does that make it real? As you insinuate the many articles criticizing SOPA's ability to fulfill your fearmongering are.

    As I said: there is plenty of hypocrisy to spread around for everyone. Glad you're able to fulfill your obligational portion.

    Eddie, when you say I "can do my own research" to find the wording that SOPA can do as you say, does that mean the wording isn't there and you want me to waste my time looking for something that isn't there? Because, looking through the site you provided, I see no wording that would allow what you liberals fear COULD happen.
    Yes ... plenty of hypocrisy to spread around everywhere!

  11. The only thing that would have made "made the death panels real" would have been the EXSISTANCE of the Death Panels. That's the key that you're lacking here. As for the "vote to remove the wording?" The wording that was removed didn't have anything to do with death panels. It was about paying doctors for provided end of life counseling - something they do today, though most don't get reimbursed for it. Thanks to the Republicans misrepresenting it, there was a vote to remove it. That was a MISTAKE. Instead the Republicans should have merely been called liars and frauds, and maybe tarred and feathered for good measure as punishment for being such despicable people.

    As for the "do your own research question" and the idea that Liberals fears about SOPA/PIPA are no more legit that the Right's Death Panel fears? Ina word: BULLSGHIT. The death panal thing was made up, whole cloth, and was nothing more than a product of the Right's continuing, and increasingly absurd, effort to paint Obama as something he's not and they're refusal to deal with (and debate in) REALITY. (And go figure: They can't WIN there!)

    "Liberal fears" are not based on the exact wording, fine, but trather on the fears of LEGAL ANALYSTS who have some expertise in these matters, and who know how these things tend to play out. And those fears are being dismissed only by those representing the ones who stand the most to gain but the laws' passage.
    "Death Panels" OTOH was NOT being pushed by any legitimate public health experts. The lie has been traced back to it origins in the Republicans Noise machine, and it was only people who would believe literally ANYTHING about Obama, and literally ANYTHING about the Government - provided that both came from Conservative sources - that picked up that nonsense and ran with it.

    William, I am not going to re-educate you. In fact, my latest post (on 2/19/12)lays outr why this is a waste of time and you and your lot, while you think you are so clever, are completely a lost cause.

    Sure: Both sides have fears. By one side's fear is based on the analysis or relevant experts, while the other's was created entirely by politicians, pundits and propagandists who are more interested in WINNING (and grabbing a fat tone of cash) than in being right or informing the public.

    Once again, I've reached the point where I'm more than satisfied to let what has already been written stanbd on its own. You can have the last word, if you want it.

  12. ""Liberal fears" are not based on the exact wording, fine, but trather on the fears of LEGAL ANALYSTS who have some expertise in these matters,"

    In other words: you can't prove those fears are correct, you rely on others to tell you they are correct? Hmmm, sounds eerily similar to the fears of the death panels brought by the right.

  13. Eddie said: "The death panal thing was made up"

    So is your fear of the government shutting down web sites. It just does NOT happen for the reasons you claim they happen. And you can't even show what allows it to mythically happen. You just say it will and voila ... you must be correct because YOU said it. THAT is why you run away from this discussion ... because you can't prove your case and look mighty silly trying to talk your way out of it. Excellent strategy you use there. Reminds me of the way liberals discuss things in general: no facts, just opinion stated as confirmed fact, then runs away when called on it.