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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ban Corporate Profits! [/sarcasm]

I recently got the following video in an email that asks, "How for to the Left are the Democrats willing to go?" and follows up with "What's happening to this country?!"

A couple of observations...

First of all, I'm always amazed how easily some people are taken in by Right Wing Propaganda.  I suppose the same people who would be swayed by this crap probably bought "Head-On" because they heard a couple of testimonials in their television commercials.

What they DIDN'T hear was the opinions of the thousands of user who said, "This stuff smells funny and doesn't work." You know... Because "Head-On" was found (by SCIENCE, no less!) to be nothing more than a placebo. Which is why they don't sell it anymore.  Funny that the Republican platform is being sold to us the same way here.

I mean... WOW. In a building full of thousands of people he managed to find a dozen of so who would humor him long enough that he'd have some video he could deceptively crop. (Notice who DIDN'T fall for this trap? Van Jones, right at the beginning, because he KNOWS who Peter Schiff is, and how these Right-Wing douchebags operate.

I wonder how long it took him to find that many people?  I really have no idea. Nor do I have any idea how many people just nodded their heads politely and then walked away thinking, "Wow THAT GUY was pretty weird!" Again, I have no idea...

But I wonder.

I also wonder how long it would take, and how many people I'd have to interview at the Republican National Convention to find...

...an Evolution denier,

...or a Global Warming denier,

...or an Autism denier,

...or someone who thinks spending cuts will create jobs,

...or that tax cuts will close deficits,

...or that a rape victim should, at a minimum, be subject to any kind of government harassment, and burdens of proof, if she wants to terminate the resulting pregnancy - assuming  they would allow her to AT ALL,

...or that equal right for Gays constitutes giving them "special rights"

...of that having Freedom of Religion, by means of having No Established State Religion, means that we're a Christian Nation,

...or that Corporations are both People and Citizens,

...or that Money is Protected Free Speech, but anything one finds "indecent" is NOT,

...or that the SIZE (read: COST) of the Government is more important that what actual POWERS they have and what DIRECTION they are leading this country, and VALUES they have, OR LACK.

Again, I don't know how long it would take me to find these people, but the really sad thing?

Is that at the RNC I could start with the TWO GUYS RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THEIR TICKET.

So fuck Peter Schiff and his goofy propaganda videos!

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