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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yep. That's pretty much it...


  1. I wish. A government serving corporations would make sure little people are able to buy stuff, because that and only that makes corporations rich.

    Our government is simply stupid. I know only 23 political facts, but they're enough to make me smarter than Obama.

  2. LOL... Those "23 facts"... Was that just a random number or is there a list somewhere that I'm unaware of?

    And personally I wouldn't say that Obama is "stupid." I think he's WEAK. And I would say the same thing about the Democrats. They're not STUPID, at least, not as a group. But they're WEAK. They're political COWARDS.

    WHICH... is more than enough reason for me NOT to self-identify as a Democrat or as an Obama-fan. But given the coice between the weak and the STUPID? I'll vote for the weak EVERY TIME.

    (OR... For the party who's shitty at implimenting great ideas, rather than the one that great at impimenting shitty ones!)