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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Pro-Life groups are destroying the "Traditional Family"

So, it turns out that the single biggest indicator of the rate of unwed mothers in a given community is not poverty, or welfare, or declining morals, or allowing gay marriage, and certainly no being LIBERAL.  In fact it's quite the opposite: Being Pro-Life has the strongest positive correlation to un-Wed mothers, and the decline of the "traditional family."

Suck on that one, Right Wing hypocrites!

EDIT: Had to tack another one.  Abortion IS good, actually, and necessary to the very idea of women's equality.

1 comment:

  1. There is no hypocrisy from the right wing. The problem stems from the liberal ideal that the woman has the "choice" to do with her body as she chooses. Do you HONESTLY think that right wing women don't have emotions and desires? Here's some news for you ... everyone fails at something in their life. If you think that right wingers all think they are perfect then you are simply delusional. The difference is that right wingers ACCEPT responsibility for the life they created and choose NOT to destroy it, where the liberal (using their 'womens rights' aspect) choose to murder a life that was created by 2 people and let just one of them choose who murders it.
    This is a weak article, Eddie. You should focus on important stuff like spying by the Obama administration or the many military conflicts that he has got us into or the never ending joblessness or even the failed economy. All of which (of course) will be blamed on Bush in one way or the other. Gotta love the liberal ... blame others for what they get themselves into.

    Suck on that left wing hypocrites!