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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ford v. Kavanaugh

Such an odd spectacle today. I didn't catch all of it, but in what I did, Ford looked and sounded legit and Kavanaugh just looked... bad.  I think the Republicans getting a sex crimes prosecutor to question her was... misguided?  (I mean, if you look at it from their strategic POV?) They wanted someone to poke holes in HER STORY. Um... Guys? THAT'S NOT WHAT SEX CRIMES PROSECUTORS *DO*.  In the context of the PROSECUTOR, if we were to assume this was a hypothetical "trial." WHO DID THEY THINK WAS ON TRIAL?!  See... In their minds, it was FORD. But from the POV of a SEX CRIMES PROSECUTOR?! KAVANAUGH is the DEFENDANT here and Ford is the Victim / STAR WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION!  I'm not saying Mitchell didn't go after her, only that going after victims is NOT WHAT SHE DOES for a living. She doesn't badger alleged sex crime victims... if anything she'd be badgering THE ACCUSED! (PROSECUTOR?! Anyone know what it is that THEY DO?! I think they would have wanted a DEFENSE ATTORNEY for that role!) Wow.

And here Ford was, being grilled about the most traumatic experience of her life and basically KEEPING HER SHIT TOGETHER. Though barely. You could see... tell... hear... FEEL that it was difficult for her. And come on, guys... If that was acting then she needs to be in Hollywood, winning ALL of the Oscars. Sorry, Righties. That shit was LEGIT. And then you have Kavanaugh. Raising his voice. Sounding angry, and beyond defensive even. I'm not going to say that he sounded as if he was LYING, (because, YES, I'm BIASED,) but he sounded rehearsed (at best) when giving his speech, and then downright testy when answering questions. Regardless of if you believe him or not, you can't say that he looked GOOD. And I can't imagine the Republicans are happy with how things went today.

(I wish I drew as much satisfaction as they do from "Triggering [Conserva]tards.")

(And BTW... What happened to all the trolls who spent all of last week telling us that she wouldn't show?! Where did they all GO?!)

And while I may go to hell for pointing this out... BRETT... Your speech, Brett... Where you spoke so passionately about coaching girls High School Basketball... Maybe it's just me... PROBABLY just me... but MAYBE you don't really want people thinking about you and High School girls in the same thought.  JUST SAYIN'.

In any case, will any of this make a difference? Shit, who knows? I hope so. I hope it does. But in actuality, this was all just political theater, This was done for one reason and one reason alone: So that Republicans like Susan Collins and Lisa  Murkowski and Red State Democrats like Joe Manchin, Joe  Donelly and Heidi Heitkamp can find political cover to vote against him without angering the Republican Base.  Personally I think they HAVE that now. Especially if the FBI is not being called on to investigate further. (And honestly, there is NO REASON Kavanaugh should want that!)

So what happens next? God only knows.

It would be an absolute disgrace and an affront to women everywhere and sexual assault victims in particular, if he gets confirmed after this. And years ago I may have bet against him, but I put NOTHING past today's Deplorable Republicans.  I hope he gets no-voted or voted down. After that? Well, shit... DO they try to cram through Amy Coney Barrett, (who would be an absolute nightmare on the Court,) on the basis that she couldn't possibly have any women coming forth saying that she sexually assaulted them? (I know, guys, I know.) Or does Trump learn a lesson here and give us... I don't know... someone like Thomas Hardiman - a Conservative, of course, but one a bit closer to Anthony Kennedy than Antonin Scalia?  I'll be honest here, I'm not going to LIKE anyone Trump is likely to pick (especially seeing as he got his short list from the God damned Federalist Society) and this is the EXACT SCENARIO I was so desperate to avoid throughout the 2016 Election cycle, as you may recall. (And BOY do I hate being right all the time!)  But Trump IS the President and the President does get to nominate Supreme Court Justices, who are then entitled to a Confirmation Hearing in the Senate.

Right, Mitch McConnell?

*cough* *a-HEM* MERRICK GARLAND *cough*

Yeah, FUCK YOU Mitch. FUCK. YOU.

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