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Monday, September 7, 2009

First Post: About Me, Da Rulz

Hello all!

My name is "Niceguy Eddie" and I've been active on various political comment boards for awhile now, and have finally gotten around to setting up a blog of my own. My posts will center around my own political positions (most, but not all, of which tend liberal) and personaly philosophy as well as my take on current events. Occasionally I may get into non-political stuff, but that will be the execption. Hopefully the posts will generate some debate - and I completely welcome both liberals, moderates and conservatives to join in. For now, I've very much got a "take on all comers" type attitude, so I welcome all you hard-core right-wingers to come on in and give me your best shot and the be ready for some re-edumacation.

Forum rules? What rules?

JK. For now I really only have two:

1) Stick to the topic. If you do leave an off-topic comment I may take the subject up at a later time, but me saying as much is about the best you'll get from me for an off-topic post. EMAILING ME (at niceguy9418@usa.com) is a much better way to get me to start a new line of discussion.

2) Be respectful TO EACH OTHER. You don't really have to be respectful to me - I can take it - just be warned that I'll respond in kind. If you debate logically, reasonably and respectfully, I sincerely hope that you will find me a worthy opponent. If you mindlessly spout Right wing talking points, treat "liberal" or "progressive" like epithets, or just come on to abuse me and roll around in the mud... Well... I sincerely hope that you will find me a worthy opponent. I am a 'nice guy' but I have absolutely no patience for suffering fools. If you want to tangle with me, you'd better do your homework!

The other obvious rule, that shouldn't really even need to be stated: NO SPAM. (Links are fine, but keep them on-topic.)

You'll notice there's no rule about foul languange. Yeah that's right: FUCK THAT. If you want to let it loose here, go right ahead. SHIT PISS FUCK CUNT COCKSUCKER MOTHERFUCKER TITS, NIGGER... Did I leave anything out? Just realize that areguments littered with expletives are not going be taken as seriously as ones that aren't. (And cutsey little substitutes like "$#!+" get taken even less seriously!) But I'm not uptight about it. It don't bother my ass none.

So let's go!

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