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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter is an Idiot!

I figure that title should get the attention of both Liberals and Conservatives. By the end of this, both may be pissed at me, but that's fine. Just hear me out.

I've already laid out how the media is in fact conservatively biased. Regular MMFA readers already knew this, but maybe someone else needed convincing. I want to show you now how brilliant the Republicans are in manipulating this media. (It shouldn't be that hard to manipulate a media that's already carrying water for you, but check this out...)

It's been the strategy of the far right to hammer home the myth of LIBERAL BIAS in the media for decades now. AM Talk Radio and Fox News have repeated this lie so many times that most moderates (and even a few liberals) have just come to accept it as the truth. And look at how devious this is: When the mainstream media AGREES with Fox/Talk Radio on something, people see this as giving them legitimacy. When the MSM calls them out on their bullshit, it's liberal bias showing! Once you get the public to accept the liberal bias myth, you will never have to worry about your credibility again! Now let's see what they've been doing with that power...

You may recall a lot of talk about Nazi's in the first half of this year. That was mostly coming from the right. To be fair, the big talkers didn't say "Nazi." Fascist was their politically correct term. (Put aside for now how utterly absurd it is to call someone a fascist just a week after trying to convince everyone they were socialist! You also don't need to worry about your credability when your base audience couldn't find their own ass on the political spectrum with two hands and a flashlight.) The REAL Nazi stuff was coming from the Right-Wing protesters. The teabaggers. (Another term that, because it was self-adopted, further shows the right doesn't really have a really broad vocabulary. Or, you know... know what words actually mean.) Most of them held up signs saying things like "NO FASCISM" with Swastikas in red circles with lines through them. Now... IF our President was 'Barack Obama (N)' or 'Barack Obama (F)' that sign would qualify as mere political opposition. Since he's 'Barack Obama (D),' it's clearly an insinuation of Fascism or Nazism. But when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called out the protesters for inappropriate signs, swastikas etc... How did the right react? They played the victim, suggesting that the SPEAKER was accusing THEM of being Nazi's. So here was their strategy:

1) Call the Democrats Nazi's until one of them calls you out on your bullshit.
2) When they do, play the victim, saying how inappropriate it was for THEM to call YOU a Nazi.
3) Go back to calling the Democrats Nazi's.

Nice pattern, huh? Somehow this simple trap was completely invisible to the media who walked into it time and time and time again.

NOW the strategy has changed a bit. THANK GOODNESS. But it's a little worse this time around. NOW they're all crying about being called racists whenever they criticize the President or his policies. Up until the other day, WHO was actually doing this? Um... that would be frickin' NO ONE! Once again it was all bullshit. It works kind of like the "liberal media" myth. Anyone who agrees with you validates your position, and anyone who doesn't is calling you a racist. Whether or not they are, or whether or not it would even be relevant doesn't matter. It's like a reverse-ad hominen. If I call you racist, that may or may not be true, but it also may not be a valid counter point to your argument. I'm just trying to win over the audience by making you look bad. That's the ad hominen fallacy. But if I MAKE a counter-argument and it's VALID and YOU accuse ME of calling you racist (whether I did or didn't) it suddenly makes ME look bad, and totally takes the attention of my argument. It's a perfect ad hominen result, except that you didn't actually attack me! You just accused me of attacking you! Brilliant! BULLSHIT, of course, but BRILLIANT all the same!

Now remember line 1 of the Nazi strategy? It ends with "until they call you out!" See, the more people did call them out, the weaker it got. THIS time around, it's different. If they get called outit makes THEM look even BETTER.

This time around, you've got a bunch of (let's face it) RACISTS. If I still need to prove that point, I'll simply refer you back to MMFA. But they're PREEMPTING the counter-attack by playing the VICTIM prematurely, saying how they can't speak freely because they're being accused of racism! Of course... they ARE making racist attacks, and they really don't have much of any substance to say about the actual issues anyway (what else is new?) and their claims of being attacked with the 'racist' card were (again) all BULLSHIT. Their glaring lack of any substantive evidence may have eventually taken the wind out that sail...

...Until President Jimmy Carter opened his big fat mouth, walked right into their trap, and CALLED THEM OUT on it! Now... normally I'd applaud some good old-fashioned truth-telling, especially from a politican. I'd like to think that's exactly what I'm doing here! I'd like to think there's a lot of that in those five websites I highlighted yesterday! But let's consider the result of President Carter's ill-timed honesty...

Until yesterday, the lies about being accused of racism were just that: LIES. NOW they have, on record, a prominent Democrat, arguably a Democratic Icon, doing exactly what they've been crying about falsely for the past month: He accused them of racism. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG: I do believe that his statement was accurate! But that one statement will now give the Right all they ammo they need to play the victim, and distract public attention from the real issues from now until the mid-terms.

You may ask, "If they're going to lie anyway, what does it matter? Just call them out!" The problem with that is this: Before they were at least HAVING to lie! And they were plenty of moderates (you now, those people who actually WIN election for you?) who weren't buying it. NOW that stupid quote of President Carter's will be repeated ad nauseum and the left-leaning moderates will start to believe this bit of Right Wing bullshit, just like they swallowed the tripe about Liberal media Bias. Now, WE can't disagree with THEM because, if we do, that means we're calling them racists! As much as that may actually be the case, and as accurate as it may be, they've been playing the victim for several months now, and they're primed the pump of public sympathy. Suddenly WE'RE the ones who's arguments are being silenced!

I guess my overall point is this: President Obama was in a much better position BEFORE President Carter made his remarks. Now everyone will be talking about racism, sympathetically towards the right to boot, instead of the ISSUES. Which is what the Right want, because the Republicans CAN'T WIN on the issues. Never could. But oh boy, can they win on Bullshit! With Bullshit and a few video clips and/or quotes and smears and propaganda, they can take over the world.

(Or at least they could, if they had any competent leadership left! So there's hope yet... Palin/Bachman 2012! One only hopes! A chick-tick no woman will vote for!)


I seriously hope I'm wrong here. I hope I'm just being paranoid. The trouble is? Whenever I'd be HAPPY to be wrong... I'm usually right!

Good night and good luck indeed!


  1. You are dead on. The conservatives have always been excellent strategists and now how to manipulate the media...

    If you consider the ACORN videos, I had done some research on the filmmakers. James O'Keefe, who identifies himself as a conservative activist in an article he had written "conservative activists need to be their own media, and use their independent media to obtain their goals".

    That pretty much says it all. Fox Nenws has convinced the other media outlets to accept as fact that these two filmmakers were jest citizen journalists correcting an injustice, when they were infact activists with an agenda...

    And talk about race card, James O'Keefe's previous sting was to prove planned parenthood was a rascist organization promoting black genocide (and in an article written by Hannah Giles, a group founded by a "sex fiend" that kills thousands of babies each day).

  2. What a bunch of crap!
    You keep referring to MMFA (your little slice of liberal heaven), and then you come up with this gem "Up until the other day, WHO was actually doing this? Um... that would be frickin' NO ONE!"
    ANYONE who posts anything on MMFA that doesn't agree with Obama has about a 75% chance of being called a racist. There are even a couple of regular posters on there that do nothing but play the race card (I have seen the term "dumb cracker" more than once) while insisting those people are racists, because they don't agree with Obama, or because they are conservative. Yet I never see anyone on there tell them to cool it and let's have a debate on the issue. Instead, they just call names, which seems to be a favorite tactic of your side. If you can't debate em' call them names. That whole paragraph is how you guys operate on sites like MMFA. If I don't agree with you, I'll just call you names.
    As far as the term "Teabagger", I've NEVER heard anyone describe themselves as a "Teabagger". The ONLY place I've ever heard that term is from the left. True, they do hold "Tea Parties", but that whole thinking was to reenact the "Boston Tea party". TEA is actually an acronym for Taxed Enough Already, which is the basis for the movement, in case you weren't enlightened on that. Yet you on the left just characterize it as a bunch of racist far-right idiots, instaed of what it is. Mostly normal people tired of being taxed to death. Sure there are some nuts, as there are in any crowd, but there are nuts on your side too.
    I really hope the Democrats pass all this crap, they are trying (although it will probably put me out of a job), Your whole mantra is "The Republicans screwed everything up, only we can fix it"
    After you finish off bankrupting the country, I hope you'll be happy.

  3. Anon,

    What is your reasoning behind this: (although it will probably put me out of a job)? Unless you're a GoP staffer, I don't see how any of President Obama's proposed policies will make put you OUT of a job, if you managed to survive President Bush's economy.

    As for the MMFA posters, personally I see very few conservative POSTERS called out as racists, if any. I've seen many MEDIA types called such - but typically for clearly racial things not "merely for disagreeing" with Presdient Obama. What's more, I do not believe that you can point to any liberal COMMENTATORS or POLITICIANS baselessly calling people racist, or really playing the race card at ALL, prior to President Carter's doing so. If you have any examples, I'd love to see them. But I don't think the RW'ers in the media were whining about MMFA posters. (Well, in truth, they were whining about nothing at all!) But I don't think that faceless posters and bloggers were the vision they were trying to conjure in the minds of their viewers.

    Basically you've got a bunch of Limbaugh types who can't win on the issues and can't make an argument. Sites like MMFA now regularly call them out of their lies, so that option is diminished, so they're whining about being called racists. It's nonsense. Just a bunch of whiners and liars playing the victim.

  4. Kevin Kelley,

    Thanks for the comment. The Acorn stuff has just gotten ridiculously out of hand. And the lack of journaistic integrity on the part of Fox, and CNN (CNN for christ's sake!) is nearly criminal.

    And yet some idiot recently sent me an email suggesting I was 'retarded' for thinking CNN (among others) wasn't liberal! And here they are carrying water for FOX! (Personally I think you're 'retarded' if you use words like 'retarded,' but that's just me!) LOL. Maybe I'll post his email and give examples. We'll see. LOL.

    The moral of the Acorn story? Don't try to help poor people vote. The Right HATES it when poor people vote. (Especially the URBAN poor!)