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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot! (Or some such thing...)

It's been a rough year so far for Rush. And today he lost another battle in war against people being able to access adequate health care. Well... since every liberal blog should have at least ONE really good Limbaugh-thrashing piece in it, I think he provided me with enough material over the past couple weeks to do one some justice.

Yesterday we got this little chunk of gold from the great gastropod, regarding "liberals":

If we have people who want to take over the government of this country via elections for the purpose of remaking it and eliminating all of the institutions and traditions that made us great, then that's evil to me.

The utter absurdity of this quote will be self-apparent to all of the thinking students in class, but for all the C-students out there (that would be “c” for conservative) let’s break it down...

people who want to take over the government of this country via elections

Well. That IS one way to do it! The other would be to baselessly smear your opponent, via the media, all the while whining about how the media is actually against you, split the vote so finely that you need all seven republican appointees on the supreme court to STOP a recount, as was required by state law, because a proper vote count looks like it might cost you the election. This from the same man that won the narrowest reelection bid in history four years later and called it a “mandate,” remember. So yeah ELECTIONS. What a radical idea. Count ALL the votes to decide who wins. How un-American.

for the purpose of remaking it and eliminating all of the institutions and traditions that made us great

You mean like the separation of church and state and/or an impartial judiciary? Because it certainly seemed to me that REPUBLICANS were trying to “take over the government of this country via elections (albeit rigged) for the purpose of remaking eliminating” THOSE particular institutions which, absolutely, “made us great.” And you’re right: That IS evil.

But, no. Of course he’s not talking about THAT. He talking about President Obama. They guy who won that whole, pesky, election thingy by the widest margin in two decades. (52.9% of the vote! To put that in perspective, Reagan got only 50.7% against Carter in 1980!) Apparently ACORN was able to fraudulently register 7.6 Million new voters. (The widest of victory since Ronald Reagen in 1984, BTW!)

Of course, this kind of high-minded sounding, but heavy handed in actuality, brand of hyperbole is par for the course with all of these guys, but Limbaugh was the first to make it into an art form, and he remains the very best at it. Say you opponent is "destroying institutions that make us great" is an effort to make him look baaaad. Because he knows that none of the mindless sheep lapping up this verbal incontinence will ever ask WHICH “institutions and traditions” are being destroyed, or for any actual evidence of these things even being destroyed, or for evidence that the institution he's referring to (should he name them) were ever part of making us great in the first place. Theirs is not the place to question the great gasbag.

I supposed the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments to the constitution were not among those institutions. Nor the FIRST, at least in any principled way. (Again, remember: He's not talking about Bush now!)

Now for years he's railed against the science that demonstrates how mankind's behavior contributes to Global Warming and Climate Change. Of course, he'd rather give a platform to the industry schills who peddle junk science trying to deny this, using the same tactics, heck the very same language that they did a generation ago for the tobacco industry, long after it was PROVEN that cigarette smoking causes cancer. In his melodramatic rants against "big government" anything that might lead to increased regulations must be WRONG. (You know... FACTS and all not withstanding.) And WHY does he not want 'big government'? Some high-minded libertarian principles? Nah. I wish it were that noble, misguided as it would still be. No. It's really very simple. BIG CORPORATIONS like Republicans, because they're the party that will let BIG CORPORATIONS do whatever they want. (Screw over their workforce, screw over their customers, pollute the environment, sell dangerous products, give people cancer, steal their retirements savings, swindle them out of house and home, deny them health care... YOU NAME IT, THEY DONE IT!) Well... since no rational person, aside for the top 1% of the country that rake in some obscene amount of the wealth by exploiting this system, would ever vote for the modern Republicans (industry whores,) these top 1%'ers knew the needed an every-man to sell their bullshit for them and generate the necessary votes. And they were willing to pay dearly for it. Enter Mister Limbaugh.

For anyone who doubts the extent of the duplicity of this sagging pair of man-boobs (or the extent to which he is factually challenged, for those who don't ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity) and think I'm exaggerating when I say that he'd still be denying even the reality (let alone the cause) of climate change the day the clouds finally burst into flame, I offer the following, all form the past two weeks:

We are not having food poisoning in this country; it's not happening. These are bunch of busybody people that will not mind their own business, they want to make their business yours, and they are -- these are the kind of people that just irritate the hell out of me.

Riiiiight. We don't need all that big government keeping the food supply safe! You know... never mind the 200,000 people a year that actually get sick, the 900 that are hospitalized and the 14 that die every year in this country, on average, from food-bourne illness according to the CDC. I mean, who trusts all that liberal DATA from those bog government agencies anyway? You see, in Rush's warped mind, if the regulations were relaxed the companies would have more money left over to keep our food safe with! See how that works?

Now, I'm going to go back a few months for this next one:

There really isn't a crisis in health care in this country. The crisis in health care that -- if you wanna say, that does exist -- is the fear that a major illness or catastrophe could wipe you out, which isn't gonna change. In fact, the odds of you being wiped out by a catastrophe or accident once the government gets started running this stuff is greater than if the private sector -- but day-to-day, there's no health care crisis in this country. You can get it.

Again, the 45,000 people who die every year from preventable illness due to lack of access to health care might disagree with you. Well... their next of kin will anyway. (Dick.) That's up from just 18,000 only a few years ago, so it's mounting. That's out of 40,000,000 uninsured and otherwise uncovered of course, and in addition to the 65,000 that don't DIE, but instead go bankrupt from their medical bills. Oh yeah... 75% of whom HAD this great "private sector" health care that this corporate street walker is harping on about. But hey: He's paid millions of dollars a year to spread this coprophage, so I have to admit: He's not lying. From HIS point of view, everything's fine. (Cocksucker.)

"You'll be healthier [if you don't listen to the government...] I'm not seeing these mass deaths from the swine flu. ... All I see is a bunch of typical government panic and hype."
Only 982 deaths so far, so not too bad. Of course there been over 55,000 confirmed cases so far, resulting in 7,600 hospitalizations. But don't worry: There's plenty of health insurance to go around, so whatever you do, DON'T get vaccinated. (You know... because the government says you should.) Personally, I think you'll be healthier if you don't listen to Rush Limbaugh.

And now you got Kathleen Sebelius saying you must take the pig flu vaccine. You must take it. Screw you, Ms. Sebelius! I am not going to take it, precisely because you're now telling me I must. It's not your role, it's not your responsibility, and you do not have that power. I don't want to take your vaccine.

I'm not sure how he concludes that it's not the role of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make recommendations about vaccinations, but you know what? I'm glad he's not getting vaccinated. I hope every one of the men and women who listen to this assbag also forego vaccination. And I hope that a good number of them DIE, and the ones that remain learn their lesson and stop listening to these no-talent ass clowns.

Between their public health policies and their foreign polices I can't believe there's anyone left in this apparently daft country who hasn't concluded that these assholes are going to get us all killed... JUST TO MAKE A BUCK!

Now THAT'S what I call evil!


  1. Eddie,
    You voiced, in your vaccination rant, one of my deepest, darkest hopes: that lack of vac would cull the Limming herd.

    BTW: Are you a fan of the LOTR books, or just the films?

    Either way, you might be interested in knowing that the word, "theoden" appears in Beowulf. It's not a proper name. Depending on your choice of translations it means Mighty King, or Great Lord, etc.

  2. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot! (Or some such thing...)

    Should I apply #14 to your above statement? 14) "Hate Speech" should not even be discouraged. This is the easiest way to identify the ignorant.

  3. I tried to post the Oct 14, 2009 3:34 PM comment on #14 using my Google account, but it wouldn't take. I had to use Anonymous to get it posted.

  4. Conchobhar,

    Yes, I've read the four books (Hobbit + LotR) several times as well. I TRIED to read Silmarilion, but I'm afraid that's just to much for me. It's like trying to read the Bible - bits and pieces are interesting, but it's basically impossible to sit down and read it through in just a few goes. Brain hurts too much after about 10-15 minutes. Fascinateing stuff thought, and basically the books of "Genesis" and "Exodus" as far as Middle Earth is concerned.

    BTW... you threw me there for a sec... I was like, "Where did I mention King Theoden here?!" I assume you were referencing my MMFA post about Mike Wallace being the "lesser son of grater sires" earlier today.

    But yes, LotR is one of my top 3 (or so) favorite books as well as one of my top 3 (or so) favorite movies.

  5. Anon,

    First off... if "big fat idiot" is your idea of HATE SPEACH, them I'm afraid you are PC on a level that I can't even imagine. I said "HATE SPEECH" not, "being mean." And besides: Rush is a big boy. I'm sure he can handle it without getting his panties in too much of a twist over it. (Good try though.)

    Second... I'm not sure why your google account wouldn't post. That's very odd. I'll check the settings on my end, but as far as I know, this blog is left about as open as it can be, comment-wise. No one should be blocked, and I don't moderate. (Haven't had to yet!) :)

    If you don't mind me asking, what IS your
    google account handle? Also, are you one of the MMFA posters as well? Just curious.

  6. Right about the LOTR references, Eddie. In the future I'll let you know if I'm responding to an MMFA post.

    I also agree about The Silmarillion. If you read Tolkein's introduction to the trilogy he references the Silmarillion, though not by name.
    He mentions his work on the "elder days," in which he had thought there would be "little interest." Upon reading a couple of chapters, his publisher changed that to "no interest."


    Christopher Tolkein has just published, under his father's name, J.R.R.'s translation, from old Norse, with notes, of the Lay of Sigurd and the Lay of Gudrun. These are two of the main sources of Wagner's Ring Cycle, and influence much of Tolkein's fiction. I found it an enjoyable read, but then I'm something of an antiquarian (my teenager might say "antique.)


    Sorry about that, chief. Tried to link to Huffpo, but the autolink on my toolbar wouldn't cooperate.

  7. I can cope with ctrl-c/ctrl-v. ;)

    Thanks! I'll check it out.