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Friday, November 6, 2009

No Friday Fun...

I'm sorry.

This was just too shitty a day to be jovial.

I woke up to the news out at Fort Hood.

As if that travesty wasn't enough, far be it for the RIGHT to miss a chance to distort the facts about a National Tragedy for Political gains. Traitorous, un-American, fucking scumbags.

And after a whole day of hearing half the country MISS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT, I get to drive home to economic reports about unemployment going over 10%.

Here the thing about that... The right blames OBAMA, and says to stop "blaming the previous administration for these things!" (Even though he's been in office 10 months and this recession started almost TWO YEARS ago!) But you know the LAST time unemployment went over 10%? You know was President? REAGAN. And WHO controlled the Senate? THE REPUBLICANS. And even though that was well over a full year into HIS administration, how many conservatives, when presented with those HISTORICAL FACTS, immediately try to blame all THAT on the PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION?! Yeah.. that would be ALL OF THEM.

See, they not only traitorous scumbags, but hypocritical, whiny little bitches to boot.

OK... Bitch session over...

Here's what I wanted to do for my Friday fun, but I was in way too shitty a mood to do it right. I wanted to include a few of my favorite quotes from the campaign trail, some of which were rather unintentionally hilarious. Well, I can't do THAT, but here are a just a few of my fav's overall, anyway. (And I've used all of them on MMFA multiple times, so I'm afraid this will be nothing new to those who already know me.)

"When they stop telling lies about us, we'll stop telling the truth about them."
~Adlai Stephenson-D, c.1952 (about the Republicans, as if you needed to know.)

Scary how apt that still is, fifty-seven years later!

"I don't want the people who managed Hurricane Katrina to be managing my health care!"
~Mitt Romney-R, on the campaign trail, 2008.

I agree entirely, Mitt: I don't want the REPUBLICANS managing my health care either!

On his 11/4/09 Radio Show, Rush Limbaugh touted Doug Hoffmann's "good showing" in the election for the vacated NY-23 seat, applauded the conservative for having "kept a horrible Republican from possibly winning."

Well Rush, there's finally something we can both give him credit him for. You know... I hope y'all pursue this strategy from now though 2010 and on to 2012. It might keep a lot of HORRIBLE REPUBLICANS from winning. And God knows, this country can only benefit from fewer of these HORRIBLE REPUBLICANS .

"It's like they take pride in being ignorant!"
~SENATOR Barack Hussein Obama-D, on the campaign trail in 2008, finally realizing what he's up against.

Good night and good luck!


  1. Yo Eduardo, I feel your frustration Bro. Great post. Yeah unemployment at 10% and according to the wing nuts its all President Obama's fault.No matter what he does they're going to oppose it, and cry about it.You know the old adage, If Obama walked on water Fox head lines would read "Obama can't swim"

  2. LOL.

    "Obama can't swim"

    I love it. So right.

    And they'd go on to think that our big objection to that headline would be something to do with racial stereotyping.