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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Thank you!" to all the Conservative posters over on MMFA

Yeah, you read that right!

I've made no secret of the fact that I love MMFA. I love that they call out the Right's lies, that they debunk the myth of the Liberal Media and (of course) that they're LIBERAL.

I love them MORE SO because while they're liberal, they manage to keep partisan politics out of a lot of their commentary. No, they do! Really! I'll explain: They mostly limit their editorial content to criticism of journalistic practices and many sources lack of journalistic ethics.

When they do a global warming article, or Congressional Budget article, or a Gay Right article, for example, they pretty much never actually advocate for the liberal position. Rather, they show how the issue if be misrepresented or deceptively framed, and show either conservative bias (in a supposedly liberal media) or the demostrable falsehood being presented. They criticise the coverage, without advocating for the position. They show you why the story is slanted or false without trelling you WHAT to think. (Only HOW to think!) It's objective, it's effective and I LIKE IT!

But there is another reason I like MMFA: The posters.

First off, most of the liberal posters (many of whom comment here regularly, thank you very much for that, btw!) have positions accross the board that I can relate to. And that goes beyond simply being liberal. (I DO NOT believe that something is inherently good just because it's "liberal." That's largely a mental disorder of conservtaives.) But I just don't find a lot of liberal extremeists there. (And to prove that I do believe there IS such a thing, and just to show the con's that I'm NOT one, my next post will be something alont the lines of "10 liberals I hate," but we'll leave that for now.) Basically I find their liberal posters to be very reasonable and to hold positions that I largely share. (And where some of the lib's there DO lean consrvative, even THAT is on some of the same issues as I do: Death Penalty, Gun Control, Jassie Jackson and Al Sharpton... just to name a few.)

But that's only half of it.

In addition to having some of the best LIBERAL posters, I have to admit that they've drawn in the very best CONSERVTAIVE POSTERS as well. And I know. I've looked on other boards, particularly conservative and even on ostensibly non-partisan boards, and the level of politcial discourse there is somewhere between neanderthal and thuggery. And as tough as I am on the regular Conservative posters over on MediaMatters (and I certainly don't hold back!) I find that they really do they best job, as far as posters go, pretty much anywhere on the web, of arguing the conservtaive position. That's not to say that any of them have ever actually influenced me... But at one point or another, every one of them has made me THINK. And I appreciate that. Plus I respect anyone who can gop into the "lion's den" and advocate for the christians, so to speak. (Think 'Romnan Coloseum' if you don't get the joke there.)

But seriously, I truly believe that the conservative posters on MMFA are among the best that are out there. You guys keep coming back, despite all the abuse, and you keep making GOOD POINTS, at least relative to the morons posting everywhere else. And you really keep the conversation hopping. So I want to give a profound THANK YOU to all the Conservative over there that I've locked horns with, for all the spirtied debate over the past couple of years:

TRUTH AND JUSTICE (that guy was a trip! what ever happened to him?)

Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone. Anyway, THANK you guys, for the all the spirited debate.

Now... I don't plan to go any easier on you, and I hope you never feel the need to pull your punches with me, but it's been so much FUN going at it with you guys, and you're a HUGE part of why I've stuck around on that board, where I've just given up (in boredom) on so many others.

And for all my LIBERAL friends? (Oh God, I hope y'all know who you are!) I can't even start to name you off, becasue there are too just many to count. (Although thank you especially to Brabantio, DellDolly and Conchobhar for your regular contibutions to THIS blog!) (And if I'm leaving anyone out, it's becuase I don't know what your handle is over on MMFA!)

Anyway I LIVE for debate. And while it's nice to know I have people who see the world the same way I do, it's also very nice to have worthy adversarties.



  1. I have recently become addicted to Media Matters. My brother would always talk about the site, but I never checked it out until I got cable and actually saw what passes as news on Fox.

    I mentioned some of the garbage Glenn Beck was spewing and my brother showed me some Media Matters posts. I was amazed by not only the details and long articles dedicated to showing how conservative news outlets lie, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the posters. Even my brother has mentioned some of the posters by name, I believe even you. Rarely have I been to a site with contributors recognized...

    Your assessment is 100% correct. Keep it up.

  2. Aw, shucks, Eddie, you're embarrassing me.

    Seriously, though, I have to agree. The violent, and often incomprehensible, rhetoric on some of the other sites is mind-boggling. The posters you've named do rise to a much higher standard of debate. Of course, since they consistently disagree with me, they're obviously idiots, but at least they're polite cretins. :>) (just in case)

    Which brings me to the one salient thing about MMFA'rs that you failed to mention. Most of the posters have active senses of humor, and a good ration of wit.

    I might also mention two libs I miss, and hope to hear from again: Solon, and one I'll call Long Island Lefty, because I'm blanking on the LI town he used in his handle. Tex is missed, too, although I suspect he/she might be there, incognito.

  3. Everyone there cetrainly does have a sense of humor. WIT is rationed more tightly with some than with others, but you are correct: Everyone over there really does seem to ENJOY going at it. And I wouldn't trade even the nuttier ones (FairLiberal & MissDee come to mind, LOL) for some of the Trolls I've encountered elsewhere. They'd probably hate that I feel this way, but what can I say? I've just had way too much fun debating them to feel any other way! LOL. Gotta love all the charecters over there!

    As for the Lib's...

    I remember Solon and Lefty. And I really enjoyed Tex's posts in particular. Just about everything s/he wrote was something I wish I had. I've got to admire someone who always seemed to make the same point I was going to, but consistently did a better job of it than I would have.

  4. Nice blog, Eddie. I'd add Jeter2 and Oscar the Grouch to the list of worthy conservatives.

    Conchobhar, are you sure you have the right coast? HuntingtonBeachLefty is now Col Harlan Sanders.

  5. Craig,

    Thanks for the tip - the Colonel is one of my favorite LIBERAL posters as well. As it was with Tex, I find that we feel about 99% the same on almost every issue, even leaning conservative on the same ones.

    And absolutely, Oscar & Jeter belong on this list. (Probably more so than some other I included!) So I'll go ahead and add them.

  6. No, Craig, I'm not sure I had the right coast. Thanks for the sleuth work. Do you know for sure that Lefty's been promoted? It makes sense, now I think on it. Mi Colonel has cracked wise with me a couple of times, in ways that do remind me of Lefty.

    Also agreed re Oscar and Jeter, though that icon sticks in my Bosox craw.

  7. I'll have to start checking MMFA. I knew of them, but don't frequent.

    Conchobhar, always nice to meet another Bosox fan.