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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gold Star Awards, August, 2010

I got a few things in my in-box (RW Propaganda Video, Tomas Sowell article) that I'd like to savage, but I've been in such a pissy mood lately that I thought I'd do a more positive piece.  So, once again, it's time to immortalize a few more websites with what might be the single most meaningless, over-rated and over-the-top award in the world: Induction into Niceguy Eddie's Hall of Fame!

This month we're following the election of 1952, which saw two BWAA inductees (Gold Stars) but none from the Veterans Committee. (So no Silvers this month.)

The Harry Heilmann, Gold Star #22: The Midnight Review

Folks, let me first say Kevin K's blog has been on my short list since about January. And yet every month it seemed like I'd remember some other site, or some site would come to my attention that I felt I just HAD to talk about.  But enough's enough.  This has been a LOOOONG time coming.  Kevin K is a prolific blogger, with incredibly in-depth, well-researched and well-cited posts.  He's a great source for a well-informed take and keen insight on everything that's going on in the world of politics.  Comparing my blog to his would be like comparing AM Talk Radio to the way a News and Political media source SHOULD work.  (I'd point to an example, but given the sad state of our media, none really comes to mind! NPR?) Anyway, check it out. The only reason I occasionally sound like I know what I’m talking about is because the are people like Kevin K. (and ClassicLiberal and other Gold Stars that I've mentioned) who do a much better job at this than I do.

The Paul Waner Gold Star #23: Political Irony

I first became aware of Iron Knee’s blog last month when one of their readers left a comment on IMHO saying they found their way here because he had posted something of mine. So I checked out his site and very quickly became absolutely crazy about it. You see… I LOVE irony; especially the kind that comes in the form of Political Hypocrisy. And pointing out this politically hypocritical brand of irony is pretty much ALL THEY DO. It’s fantastic. It’s hilarious. It’s like what “Countdown” would be if all KO did was “Worst Person in the World” for an hour strait! I love the cartoons, I love the posts, I love that he found something I wrote to be worth his while to post… (LOL/wink) I can pay it only the highest compliment that I can think of: That I wish I had done my own blog like that! It’s a riot. Check it out.


  1. I resemble one of those comments. :) Actually, I am glad I found both sites. First reads of my day (i.e., stealing company time).

  2. Hey, how about your gal Temple Grandin? Claire Danes won Best Actress and the movie won Best Movie, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Actress!

    And guess what? It was her birthday! What a present!

    One can only hope that this movie will raise awareness of Autism and help you and your children and other families with Autism!

  3. Thank you for the compliment! I am truly honored. I would have to say that I find your blog to be extremely entertaining and find myself coming back to see your original take on whats going on in the world...

    If I had to give you a star, it would have to be the Gary Carter Gold Star (after my favorite baseball player when I was younger).

  4. @Sammy,

    Glad you like them.


    (Sort of repeating my reply from MMFA) No, I hadn't heard, but it's really cool that it did so well. Grandin's story is an amazing and inspirational one, and Claire Daines (who's way more "my gal" that Professor Grandin!) really nailed the part. Spot on. Truly a perfomance for the ages.


    You're quite welcome. It's been a long time coming, and richly deserved. But as for Gary Carter? I'm sorry to say this but... FUCK Gary Carter for not having the decency to make the final out in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. (Unless you were an Expos fan, in which case, yeah... Gary Carter: great Catcher.) ;)

    Thanks for all your comments.