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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back again, just... not quite.

Yeah... That doesn't make much sense.

I was in the Caribbean last week.  Yeah, it rocked.

I also spent two days with my parents (who watched the kids for us) before and after.  As is par for the course when I spend time with family, I usually end up with some absurdly brain-damaged political opinions to use for soapbox fodder. And I wrote something regarding my Mother's opinon about "Fair Game," after hearing her loudly profess saidi opinion before actually SEEING the movie.  (Gotta love that, huh?) And while I wrote it like 10 days ago, I haven't proofread it or edited yet.  (Yes, believe or not, I DO actually do those things.) (I just really suck at it.) BUT... it was a long piece, and I very liked hopped up on tropical drinks while I writing it so I really do need to go over it again before I post it.  And I'll get to my Dad's gold and some gems from Fox after that.

In the MEANTIME, here's something totally unrelated to any of that, but still pretty damned funny, from Cracked.com:

Please enjoy, and I'll be back tomorrow with some amazingly un-ironic political philosophy.


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