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Monday, April 25, 2011

Texas? This is why!

Apparently, the last time the State of Texas tried to legalize and legislate bigotry and stand in the way of social progress, there was a loophole that spared at least one group.  Well, seeing as how Texas has never been a State to allow a minority group to go unpunnished, it is now a top priority for them to fix this oversight.

Texas? This is why the rest of America hates you. Seriously.

And Conservatives? This is why you suck. Seriously.

All people are created equal, huh?  One vote, one voice, huh?  Freedom and small government, huh? (That's the BIGGEST joke with the RW fools!)  I just have one thing to say to all these flag-wavers on the Right who continuously wipe their collective, ignorant, backwards, back-sides with our Constitution:


And... that's all I have to say!


  1. Sorry, Eddie, but I hated Texas long before this came to light, not that this doesn't confirm the hatred. I've long hated Texas because they've sent to Washington: George Bush, Tom DeLay and Dick Armey, to name just three Lone Star knuckledraggers.

  2. Texas isn't that bad. It's just that there are so many Texans there!

  3. Maybe Mexico will it them back if we ask them nice-like?

  4. @Conchobhar - I hear you. Sometimes, you just need a reminder. LOL

    @jlarue - Actually, some of my best friends are form Texas. LOL. I really shouldn't stereotype Texas the way I do. But they make it SO HARD not to! LOL

    @hirightnow - I don't think so. Remember the Alamos and all that. (Of course to hear the average Texan tell it, you'd think Mexico already HAS taken over down there! LOL)