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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting Article, needs a better title...

Sorry for all the cracked.com article lately.  The real world is just so frustrating & depression that, yes, I've spent most of my time reading a comedy site that specializes in dick jokes.  BUT... They do do a good job writing pieces that are political in nature, although they (1) hardly ever realize it, and (2) IMHO, try VERY hard not to be liberal.  (Which makes them almost as bad as the MSM, but Cracked at least does some actual... what's the word?  Oh yeah: RESEARCH!)

Anyway, here's a really good piece on environmentalism, or rather, it sounds that way from the title: The 5 Biggest Backfires in the History of Disaster Relief.  BUT, if they had any real balls, and weren't so afraid of being accused of being liberal (or just embracing the liberalism that lies right beneath the surface of 99% of what they do, even though they can't bring themselves to just come out and admit it) they might called it: Four Ways Conservatives and Industry Fucked Up the Environment Even Worse, and what Happens when one Liberal Starts Acting Like a Conservative.

Or maybe: What Happens when Conservatives do a Half-Assed Job of Being Liberal and when a Liberal Out-Conservatives the Conservatives.

Read it with one of THOSE (far more accurate) titles in mind, and enjoy.  The moral: Industrialism, Unilateralism and Conservatism SUCKS, and people really need to start LISTENING to environmentalists.


  1. Eddie - you just can't help finding closet liberals everywhere, can you? (grin)

    (super-secret liberal)

  2. Yeah, I do. (They're EVERYWHERE!) LOL. Sorry, it's just that I always see the BEST in people, so I tend to conclude that they're liberal. LOL