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Friday, August 5, 2011

...And we get downgraded anyway.

America gets downgraded anyway.

Debt Ceiling deal?

It was truly meaningless. And austerity did less than tax cuts to accomplish ANYTHING.

Well done, Republicans.

Well done, Barry.

And now our entitlement programs and scoail safety nets are in jeopardy for absolutely nothing at all.

Nice. Well done. Way to listen to the will of the people.

Did I mention I was furious?

I'm goign to to say one thing (again): A country's credit rating has nothign to do with it's economy, it's debt, or it's defict.  The Government ability to repay it's debt is a function of one thing and one thign alone: TAXES.

So why are we suddenly a credit risk? 

Simple: Becuase we've shown that will NEVER raise taxes, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Well done, "fiscal conservatives"

How do we get our AAA rating back?

Simple: Show that, when push comes to shove, we will raise taxes rather than default.

Well done, Barry, Democrats.

How might well show that?

I don't know, but one fairly simple idea that leaps to mind is to... oh... I don't know...


Of course, that's basically completely inpossible now. (Hence the downgrade.) Why?

Simple: Bad economy and looming Austerty (spending cuts.) Raise taxes on top of that? And you REALLY ARE Herbert Hoover.

You see what they did there Barry? You like that? Yeah, I bet you do.

We will now ALL have to suffer for two more years, all thanks to the TEA PARTY and CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS.

Oh, yeah: And OBAMA, for pandering to them.

He'll get punnished. And he should. (But WTF did the rest of us do to deserve this?! I didn't vote for Bush, I didn't even vote for Clinton. And I certainly didn't vote for the Barack Obama we've had for the past two years.)  But yet somehow the Republicans will get rewarded for screwing us. FUCKING AGAIN!

Just as I said the other day, I can only hope that Predident Bachman will over-reach early enough in her administration that the Congress and the Country turn on her, and she spends four years being stymied by a Congress lead by the NEXT Democratic President, who might FINALLY get the Democrats' heads out of their asses, put their boot on the neck of our Riech-Wing "corporate overlords" and remind the Corporations that THEY work for US. We're the damned CUSTOMER here. Theyr'e no different from Congress.  They work for us. There is simply no reason that it should be otherwise.

It's the U.S. of A., not the U.S.Inc. - No matter what the Tea Party and the Republicans and Fox might tell you.

But? They won. It's over Barry. So save us all some trouble and pull an LBJ'68, would you?


  1. There's an important distinction to be made here. A DLC corporatist republican-lite DINO who fights republicans vs a DLC corporatist republican-lite DINO who likes republicans. In the next primary, as in the last one, there will be a choice between these options.

    Most of us will throw up our hands at such a choice. Don't. A corporation-loving government that rejects insanity is much, much better than what we have.

    (Personally, I'm waiting for someone who loves business so much that they want to remove the burden of skyrocketing health care costs which the employer is stuck paying.)

  2. Actually, it's a HUGE distinction.

    And as much as I rail against Corporatism, I'm not saying we shouldn't HAVE them. Shoot - I WORK for one! The problem wth the Right is that the put the Corporations in CHARGE, and they act as though they are altruistic and as though market forces are inherently good.

    Market forces EXSIT. And they are ignored at one's own peril - kind of like gravity. And just like market forces, gravity merely EXSISTS. It is not INHERENTLY GOOD. (Yeah, it's good when you're walking around breathing air but not so much if you just fell out of a window!)

    We NEED Corporations. A Corporation is actually a huge COLLECTIVE endevour. That's a fairly idealistic way of putting it, but they're a testament to what can be accomplished whan a large number of people get organized and work together. So yeah, kind of an ironic form of COLLECTIVISM.

    But as anyone who's seen "The Corporation" knows, they make a few people VERY POWERFUL, and then remove any and all responsibilty and accountability from them. So it's no surprise that in a leisse-faire envirnment, they exploit, pollute and consume unsustainably. They become greedy, destructive monsters. And that's pretty close to where we are now. They need to be REIGNED in.

    A little less profit, a few more PAYCHCKES.
    A little less profit, a LOT less POLLUTION.
    A little less profit, a little less Politicizing.

    The rich will have a little less, though still more than everyone else, and everyone else will have enough. There's more than enough to go around, even now. Especially now.

    They CAN be a force for GOOD. It's just not in their nature, not their default instint.