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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is that really Dick Cheney?

Interesting headline and photo on MMFA today:

Is THAT really Dick Cheney?


When the hell did he start looking like Max Von Sydow?!

If he wasn't such a scumbag, whose plane ticket to The Hague I'd glady spring for out of pocket, I'd almost be concerned about him!


OTOH, since it is Dick Cheney we're talking about, all i can say is that I hope it's inoperable, and "fuck 'im."


  1. I would like to see Cheney in handcuffs.
    I took that quiz by the way and it pegged me for a liberal social crusader which is exactly what I am. The hardest question was number seven when I had to pick three for a naked pyramid! I picked the SCOTUS trio...the scumbags!

  2. That's cool.

    I've got a bit of Social Crusader in me as well, and a little bit more of the Reality Based Intellectual (I think that was what it was called), but more and more I keep findning ways that all these other issues are just ways that the Big Money keeps middle-class white folks voting against their owneconomic interests. Hence my Working Class Warrior status.

    And I had a hard time with the naked pyrimid question too but IIRC I picked the SC Justices as well. :)