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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Democrat vs. Republican...

Conchobhar... That article you linked to was very interesting. Seriloulsy. I'm trying to work out a logical reply and it's making my head spin. Either that or I'm on a serious NyQuil hangover. I think she makes a good point, although it depends on your POV, and to some extent semantics, and how you want to measure it, and then there's 'reality' versus 'what the media tells you' perspective and... well, shoot... I'm afraid that until this cold & headache go away, this is all I've got:


You just pick what you see as the lesser of two evils!

(With all credit to Silver Star Hall of Famer, Five-Second Films.)


  1. Feel better, Eddie.
    I'm in the opposite position. Took a nasty fall from about 12 feet up a couple of months ago, and was kind of worried about the left hip, and wondering if my hockey playing days were over. Hit the ice for a controlled workout tonight, and the longer I was out, the bigger the goofy grin on my face got. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on KVH's article.
    P.S. Your Wings, whether you care or not, are looking pretty good. I usually root for them after the Rangers are out of it. This year, it looks like I'll get a chance to root against them all season.

  2. One of the best lines from KVH:

    "Accomplishment can’t be measured by the passage of legislation but by whether it meets the challenge of the time. And here, it is inescapable that the combination of Republican obstruction and entrenched corporate lobbies blocked the reforms that we need."

    She picks apart Chait's list of Obama "accomplishments," but she goes far too easy on them ("pre-compromised proposals" is a good start, but just a start), just as she does on Chait himself. Most of what is touted as the Obama's "accomplishments" don't just belong on the pile marked "worthless garbage"; they're actively pernicious, and have stood in the way of those much-needed reforms, just--I would argue--as they were intended to do.

    KVH is right that far too many liberals have stood with this clown in the face of his every outrage. She doesn't call this "stupid," but that's the right word for it. Too many damn party men in the mix, and too few real liberals. It's easy to take the Obama route and sit back on one's ass portraying the left as "unreasonable" and "unrealistic" and "demanding perfection" when pretending as if whatever you get done is the only conceivable measure of what's possible. The Obama blew an absolutely overwhelming public mandate that put him in the White House, gave his party overwhelming control of both houses of congress, and absolutely crushed the opposition (self-identification as "Republican" hit its historical low-point). Someone who holds up the Obama's "accomplishments" as the limit of that which was possible should be dismissed in a hail of laughter as the clueless clown he is.

  3. @Conchobhar - I'm better today and I'm glad to hear you're doin' better as well. BTW... they're not "my" Wings, I just live here. I was almost interested in Hockey last season though, when "my Bruins" made a pretty good run of it. And while I'm keen to root for either Boston or Detroit in ANY sport, outside of Baseball I'll freely admit to being a total fair-weather fan of either. (And Boston is where my true sports heart will always be.) As for the article... I'll take a crack at it in my next post.

    @ClassicLiberal - It's good to have you back, man. ;)

  4. Glad you're feeling better, Eddie. I'm a little sore, after last night's skate, but just the expected soreness from lactic acid build up.
    I'm a two-sport Boston athletic supporter, myself. I've told you that my namesake uncle was the Splendid Splinter's lawyer and friend. He also sat in Bob Cousy's kitchen with Couse and Tommy Heinsoln (all three Holy Cross alums) and founded the NBA Players Association. So it's Sox and Celts for me. I used to hate the Bruins, in the Derek Sanderson-Bobby Orr days (no one could hate Orr himself), but I've mellowed a bit, I guess. I was actually rooting for them against Vancouver. Something to do with the fact that Vancouver's play-by-play man has a voice like Newt's. (Also, Tim Thomas went to the University of Vermont, where I spent two wonderful summers with the Champlain Shakespeare Festival in the '60's. They got me out of the Army 90 days early, so you know I love them.) Now that the Rangers look like they're good enough to challenge, I'll go back to rooting against the B's.
    Still REALLY hate the Flyers, though.