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Thursday, May 31, 2012


And here are May's. The Year is 1975. One from the BWAA, two from the Vet’s

The RALPH KINER Gold Star #51: Freepress

Working to strengthen journalism and fight media consolidation. Change the media, and you change the world. Freepress is a a non-paritsan media watchdog and advocacy groups dealing primarily with issues relevant to the freedom of the press, corporate media monoploies, and the deterioration of the news media and the decaying state of journalism in general. Check these guys out. Great people doing great work.

The BILLY HERMAN Silver Star #48: Amazing Superpowers

This is just a really twisted web-comic with an irreverent and often dark sense of humor. I love it.

The EARL AVERILL Silver Star #49: Chuckle-a-Duck

This is truly amazing, high quality web-comic. With the style and quality of the art work, and its fairly mainstream, usually moderately political sense of humor, I do not understand why this hasn’t been picked up for national syndication. This is in the style of the 1-panels that you would see in the New Yorker, only they’re… you know… ACTUALLY FUNNY. Great stuff. A tremendous talent. Check it out.

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