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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Please read, try and comment!

I took one of those "political quizzes" today, that purported to tell me who I should vote for.  It was pretty comprehensive for something that was still relatively quick and simple, and it allowed for a weight of the issues in terms of their importance to you.  Some of the questions did use the Conservative framing, but overall I felt it did a pretty good job. 

I'd really like you all take take a few minutes and take the quiz and then report back with your results.  Here are mine:

I side with...
Jill Stein, 98%
Barack Obama, 94%
Stewart Alexander, 84%
Gary Johnson, 66%
Jimmy McMillan, 39%
Ron Paul, 36%
Virgil Goode, 17%
Mitt Romney, 3%

In addition, I agree with 60% of Michigan Voters (my home state) and 61% of American Voters.

Also, I side with the Democrats 99%, Greens 95%, Libertarians 53% and Republicans 3% of the time.

A couple of observations...

1) I was surprised that I was so aligned with President Obama. I knew it would be strong, but I was shocked it was that strong.  Of course, my disagreements with the President have far more to do with strategy and "leadership" style (IOW: that he's the physical embodiment of compromise) than with actual policies or positions, so I guess I really shouldn't have been too surprised.

2) I was shocked that Romney was only 3%. Really. Again, I KNEW it would be low, by 3%?! Really?! This guy has historically been (along with McCain) one of the few Republicasn I didn't venomously despise on a deeply emotional, spiritual and philosophical level. So... 3%? What would Rick Santorum have been? -5%?! Is that even possisble?!

3) The fact that I agree with Libertarians 53% of the time, and with Republicans just 3% of the time, pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with the Republicans.

4) Who the hell is Jill Stein?! Well, I looked her up and let me tell you: She is one incredible woman! Reading her story, about some of her activism, the fact that she's a physician from Massachusetts, all on top of the fact that she appears to be my hand-picked candidate? Well, I can certainly understand why that the case.  She's amazing. A force of nature. That being said? If we end up with a President Mitt Romney who wins the decisive State with a margin of victory less than the number of votes she gets? I will personally track her down and beat her to death.  (And I still say, "Fuck you, Nader!")

5) The fact that I agree with the Democrats 99% of the time and AMERICA 61% of the time, can someone please explain to me how the Democrats don't have a 60% to 40% Majority in the House?! Kind of ass-rapes the idea that theirs a Liberal bias in the media, no? (Or that out "representative democracy" does anything but a piss-shit poor job of it!) (And that, as Fox and the Right claim, Obama is "defying gravity" with his polling numbers. Nope. You assholes are just THAT out of touch.)

So while Jill Stein (98%) might be my candidate, I think 94% is good enough considering that we're talking about someone with more than a snowball's chance in hell of carrying even a single state.

My vote is settled!

So please: TAKE THE QUIZ

And PLEASE post here with your results. I'm really curious to see how everyone shakes out!

Oh, and don't miss it: Some of the sections have a "click here for more questions" link. MAKE SURE YOU DO THAT, and that the ENTIRE QUIZ. (Seriously, it's only like 5 minutes long.)



  1. I went to the site and was going to try it, but your own results point to its biggest flaw (which became apparent immediately): it's completely idiotic. It's generalized to the point of pointlessness, which makes folly of tying the responses to individual candidates.

  2. 99% democratic, 1% republican. You'd think the wrong party would be right 10% of the time, just by accident, but this is the two party system - putting all the evil in one place so its impact can be clearly observed by even stupid voters. Voters have to be really, really stupid for such a system to fail. And they are.

    The proper use of such a quiz is to force centrist media idiots to take it. The ones begging loudest for a centrist third party would come out 80% Obama.

  3. You're both right, of course. I probably shoudl have said: It's just for a bit of fun! All the same, and for all its flaws, I though the results were still telling.

    "Voters have to be really, really stupid for such a system to fail. And they are."


    "The proper use of such a quiz is to force centrist media idiots to take it. The ones begging loudest for a centrist third party would come out 80% Obama."

    Amen, brother! And probably 90-some% for Jill Stein! LOL.

  4. 92% Barack Obama, 83% Jill Stein. Yes, mostly Democratic, next Green. Last, Republican (7%).

    1. Thank you for leaving your results. (Unlike the spoil-sports above! LOL)

  5. 96% Stein
    75% Obama
    72% Alexander
    52% Paul
    3% Romney

    Georgia voters 53%
    American voters 61%

    Democratic 98%
    Green 87%
    Libertarian 39%
    Republican 5%

    I wonder if the Romney 3% phenomenon has to do with his incessant flip-flopping. It's possible Romney himself could take the quiz and get "Romney 3%".

  6. 97% Stein
    89% Obama
    85% Alexander
    27% Paul (Foreign Policy)
    3% Romney

    Dems 96%
    Greens 85%
    Libertarians 20%
    Repugs 1% (Damn! So close!)

    Massachusetts voters 60%(Funny, thought it would be more. I'm in Mass now, but vote in NY. Actually thinking of changing my registration to vote for Elizabet Warren, since both NY DemSens are secure.)
    American voters, 54%.
    I don't think it was so bad. I liked the fact that they gave extra options, with a bit more nuance, and allowed for personal comments, even though that made the poll 'less accurate.' "Less accurate?" How accurate can a self-selected poll, taken primarily by political junkies, be?
    Reminds me of a story I've told before, about the '52 or '56 election. Woman tells Adlai Stevenson, "Every thinking American will vote for you." Stevenson replies, "That's not enough, madam. I need a majority."